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Iowa Mamas 2011!

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Thought I'd start a new thread for chatting, happenings, and general info for Iowa mamas lurk.gif

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Happy 2011!

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Out of all those emoticons I couldn't find a waving one?? Anyway - I've been an on again off again visitor to MDC for quite some time. I'm fading further and further away from my previous online "home" and anticipate I will be spending more time here :) Look forward to getting to know you all!

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Hi everyone... I'm brand new here, just joined & wanted to say hi.  Moved back to Iowa in August, from the Chicago area.  I have a two year old son.  "Hi!" 



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im a new mother

i moved here from cali a year ago away from my family and friends

ended up finding out i was pregnant about a month after getting here.

im trying to get to know other mothers... so i dont feel so alone.

so hi lol.


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still here.  sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


the boys are 3 and 5 and ve are offically homeschooling.  :)

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Hi from the NW side of the state! :) I know most of you gals are more central/eastern but figured I would chime in and say hi.

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I am hosting a BF support group at my office in Boone on February 10 and 19 from 10 - 11:30.  I have an infant/toddler scale and will be providing light refreshments.  :)

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des moines crunchy mama. looking for the like. !  

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i have 1 year old and planning to homeschool :) where are you located?

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where are you located. Im in urbandale :)

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west of DM but in town a couple of times a week

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Does anyone ever get together for playdates and stuff? Im in West Des Moines with a 15 month old.

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i wish i could get together for playgroups!


i'm in coon rapids, and i get a bit lonely for others who have similar interests.


i'm currently a stay at home mom to my darling 20 month old. and eventually (this coming fall) i hope to goback to school, so i'll be heading over to ames once or twice a week.

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Just had my first baby on 2/11, so introducing myself as a new Iowa Mom!

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Originally Posted by greenmulberry View Post



Just had my first baby on 2/11, so introducing myself as a new Iowa Mom!

Welcome and congratulations on the new little one!

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welcome greenmulberry and baby greenmulberry.

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Hi to all Iowa Mamas!  I'm new to the Quad Cities - mama to two boys, five and one.  Anyone near me?  I'd love to find some locals . . . I don't know anyone in the area yet.  

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Welcome Whimsical - try roomformore - she's in Davenport. :)

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Originally Posted by Dmitrizmom View Post

Welcome Whimsical - try roomformore - she's in Davenport. :)

I'm really new to this so sorry if this is a silly question. Is there a way to contact her thru the website? I don't know how!


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