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Need info on Ft Smith area

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We are considering moving to the Ft Smith area for a job. I'm looking for info on the best schools, local farms (any raw milk nearby??), non-vax friendly care providers, etc. TIA

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PMing you

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Looking for the same info, please let me know what you've found out!

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What info do you need, justmama?

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Ladies, come check out the Arklahoma Birth Community. www.arklahomabirth.blogspot.com

Although love of birth is the main point group we address all areas of natural and health living. A lot of our moms have similar interests and questions as you. It would be a great place to make some connections and get resources!

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We will be moving into the area in the spring, my dh who is in the Coast Guard just got his orders.  We have lived in TX but other than that have always been on the east coast.  Fort Smith would be a much shorter commute for him but I am nervous that the area won't have enough for us as a homeschooling family of 3.  I guess I am afraid there won't be big enough community of like minded families.


Any impute or opinions on the matter would be really helpful.  I will be starting to look on-line for areas to live in.  This will be a 3 year tour for us.  We have lived in a small town an hour from the city before and it didn't work at all.  As homeschooler's we need access to good libraries, lots of kids, activities (art, dance, music classes), farms or whatever. 


Thanks so much everyone, hope everyone has a great start to the New Year.



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