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What's your baby set-up?

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Just wondering where baby will sleep, where you'll keep his/her things, etc?


We cosleep, but I'll have a pack n' play set up in the master bdrm in case I need him to nap in there or to just protect him from my toddler while I showerwinky.gif


We got rid of the changing table because we always end up changing the baby wherever we happen to be, though I kind of miss it because it was good for storage underneath.


For the baby's clothes, I need to get one of those little plastic chests of drawers or find something from goodwill or Craigslist. I don't want to spend much on a piece of furniture I won't be using for more than a year or two (when we move him in with his brothers).  In lieu of a cute, rarely-used nursery now, we'll have a cute boys' room somewhere down the line thumb.gif


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Do you have an Ikea near you?  I have found their kids stuff to be more than reasonably priced and very sturdy, you might be able to find some useful storage there.


We are working on the nursery like crazy right now.  Baby will be sleeping in our bedroom in a bassinet for the first couple weeks though.  Here is one of the most recent pics:




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We have a 1 bdr apartment, and baby's crib is now set up in our room.  I wish the furniture layout was different, but as of now, he's closer to my husband's side of the bed.  I'll have to get up out of bed to go get him.  Which is kind of annoying, we'll see how it works in actuality once he's here. 


We don't have a changing table, so we're going to use our very large bathroom counter.  The diapers are being stored in cute little bins in the cupboard underneath.


His clothes and sheets will be stored in our hall closet that has built in shelves.  As soon as I wash them.  Which should be today!

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We don't have a crib or a bassinet or a pack and play.. All of those ended up being either a jungle gym (DD1 when DD2 was born) or a really large laundry basket. The bassinet was useful in a way though, held a good amount of diapers so I never had to get out of bed in the middle of the night.

I'm using  a three drawer dresser we have had forever (one of the first pieces of furniture we got when we were married, funny thing we got it from Walmart for 10.00 on clearance and its holding up better than the expensive furniture we got) with a pad on top for a changing table. DH doesn't like changing sitting down so its easier for him to have a table set up. I don't know how my back is going to be after birth (long story but basically I had a messed up epidural with my first and now pregnancy/labor/delivery etc is extremely hard on my back) so it might be easier if I don't have to bend over to change him. In the drawers we have diapers, wipes, blankets, a few changes of clothing for the middle of the night changing, burp rags, nursing pads and carriers.

Our daughters share a room (although they rarely sleep in it) with a big closet. All the children's clothing are stored in that one closet. We have several small bookcases to house anything that needs folding and then the rest is hung.


Sleeping, we are blowing up the air mattress and the girls will sleep on that if they can't sleep in their room. Its so cold over here right now (darn base housing refuses to turn on the heaters but we are all freezing) that I rather have them sleeping with one of us anyway. The baby and I will sleep on the regular bed.

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I'm planning to cosleep for the first several months with baby. I do have a bassinet as backup, however, in case cosleeping doesn't work. We'll keep all the baby clothes in our room in a plastic set of drawers next to our dresser. We do have a changing table that's in DS's room. It has a ton of storage for all the diapers (which is good since the biggest downside to prefolds is how much space they take up, imo) and plenty more for all the baby blankets.


We have a 3 bedroom house right now and DD and DS each have their own room. So once we switch baby from cosleeping to the crib (and consequently DS from the crib to a bed), we're going to have to rearrange the kid's rooms. We'll probably put the two little ones together in the larger of the two bedrooms and move DD from the larger bedroom into the smaller one. That's a project I am definately not looking forward to! DD has some really nice but very heavy furniture.


nintendork-I like your nursery a lot!!

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we cosleep...we are just now working on getting 2.5yo out of our bed and into her bed...we're making good progress. we are hoping to just have dd2 in bed with us and no toddlers. my sil is letting us use their changing table, which is in our bedroom. it also has storage underneath which i bought bins for yesterday to keep her clothes in, the older 2 share a dresser and closet and it's jam packed! i think the bins will hold us over until we can tackle the kids closet. i have yet to wash her clothes, i hope to tomorrow, i want to see all the newborn stuff...aww



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We'll be cosleeping, but there is a crib set up in DS's room, and that's where the change table is as well.  And the baby's dresser.  (DS has drawers under his bed)  I have a vague idea that this baby isn't going to enjoy cosleeping as much as DS did (he didn't have a bed til he was over a year and started wanting to sleep like a starfish) so the crib is there, just in case.  And it looks really cute in the meantime, and keeps me from cluttering up that part of DS's room like I had been.

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We will cosleep but we do have a pack and play in our room, for naps and because I work from home with my office being at the end of the 'L' in our bedroom, it's important the baby is safe from my toddler and 4yo while I'm working.  There are some builtin shelves in the eaves near the pack and play which I put baskets in for some cloth diapers and I'll put a wetbag in our bathroom for middle og the night changes, etc.  The baby will have a nursery - a crib, a changing table, glider, closet, bookshelf - which is the furniture we used with my second.  I'm buying some decals for the wall and trying something out but I need to get busy with that.  Dealing with christmas has put me SO behind.    I've been washing clothes, and since having 2 babies different times of the year, everything is kind of unorganized so I'm washing everything we have up to 9 months and sorting in all our on hangers in the big walkin closet in the babies room.  I feel like I've been doing laundry for a week now.  LOL.


My biggest concern is that our 2 boys just moved into their own bunk beds (as opposed to sleeping with us at night) and they do OK until about 12-2am and then one by one they come dashing into our bed.  There is no way we can have 5 bodies in one bed, even our king size.  Last night I was SO uncomfortable I climbed into the bottom bunk (alone) and 10 minutes later my youngest came chasing me..Mommy...mommy...mommy! 


I think he's going to present a problem in giving mommy some "space" when I'm up with a newborn nursing, etc.

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I'm living with my parents right now so DS (5), the baby and I will be sharing a room. We're all cosleeping, we're all sharing two dressers and a closet, and that's about it. lol I'm only keeping 0-6m clothes and nb-med diapers out for the baby. DS and I are doing "keep it or give it" with his clothes...last I counted he had about a hundred t-shirts alone. (My mom is freakin' nuts apparently. lol) It's going to be cramped and there's no space for me, really, but I don't care. I was planning to cosleep regardless so I never planned on getting a crib. I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot of time in the living room anyway, haha.

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finnegansmom- I worry about my youngest as well. If Im in bed she wants to be with me, laying on top of me. If Im up shes all over me climbing, jumping "mommmy, mom, mama". My oldest was a lot easier when my youngest came because she was willing to be with Daddy to sleep. DD2 will only sleep with DH when we don't give her the choice. Id really like to sleep in my bed again after this baby comes.

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We also co-sleep for the first two years. We moved our two year old out of our bed this fall but she still climbs back in with us and wants to be right next to me. We are talking to her about the baby coming but I don't think it is sinking in. I need to get her some books.


Anyway, clothed and diapers will be in our room (we have an expedit bookshelf with baskets I will use to store its stuff) and I am picking up a little bassinet thing at Target this week but that is it. We have a tiny house and I need to keep baby crap to a minimum. The bassinet is portable so I can bring it into the bathroom while I shower. Also I will keep it next to the bed, in case the toddler climbs into bed and I need to move the baby.

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Nintendork, what a cute room! I love the colors. I wish we had an Ikea close. The nearest one is five hours away. We plan to take a road trip there later this year to get some furniture for our older kids.  Can't wait!

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Now to get even more anal... Okay some of you have mentioned the dressers or closets where you're keeping clothes.  But what's the best way to organize the clothes?  Should I just put 0-3 month in one stack, or separate the 0-3 month by onesies and pants?  Or will I be too tired to care and I should just have a "this fits now" drawer of pants/shirts/onesies, and a "this will fit in a few months" drawer?  What do you do?

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we have a small apartment, so all of the baby gear is going in our room. we have also always coselpt, but decided to buy a crib for a "sister protection area" and the wishful possibility that she might like to sleep alone sometimes. we need to set it up- it will go at the foot of our bed.  i think that it will be good to use for the storage space underneath too. we didn't do a changing table last time, but i kind of like to have one, so we bought just the top peice of a changing table at ikea and have modified it to fit over the dresser that we used to have our sweaters and underwear/socks in(they are now stored under our bed which is not very handy.) it is only two drawers and that is what we have for all of the baby's diapers and clothes- so, i will just keep out the 0-3m clothes for now, and i fold and organise them by type- short sleaved onsies, long sleaved onsies, pants, little suits..... i am not sure how else one would do it- i want to hear.


we are also looking for a shelf to put over the changing table area to hold all of those little things that accumulate. i could not bring myself to put anymore ikea furniture in our room so i have been looking at thrift stores.. no luck yet. 

nintendork- i love that turqouis! and the fabric on the chair too!


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I have one bucket for sleepers/hats, one for onesies/shirts and one for pants. Its easier for me if Im looking for something not to have to shuffle around to find it. I also have the 3-6 month size in a large bag in the upper cabinet so when I need them I don't have to search through all the clothing to find them, they are right there.

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We co-sleep, so we don't have anything set up for him. I do have a crib that is currently in storage at my mum's, so if we ever need to use it, we can just get it. But it won't be for night time, maybe nap time when he's bigger though. We do have an old family crib in the living room, so any naps not taken in the wrap on me will be in there.

We have a stroller too, actually, so that's another alternative for naps. No idea how much we'll use it, we babywear mostly, but it's good for groceries and such. :lol


Baby's clothes is in our bedroom closet. He just has a shelf in there (big, long shelves in big, sliding door closets). Here, you don't have a babyshower, you get presents once the baby is born, and mostly clothes. So I haven't gone all out on the clothes shopping yet, wanting to see what I get first. But most people are good about buying 3+ months stuff, so I've gotten the 0-3 mo. stuff he'll need.

I store his bigger cloth diapers in there too.

The cloth diapers (and wool pants, snappies, wash cloths etc.) we're using right away is in one of the bathroom closets, right next to his changing pad. We don't want a changing table, but we have a big, long counter, so we just put a changing pad right on there. And the diaper pail is on the floor there.

We have his towels with our towels in the bathroom closets, just on it's own shelf. We have the sheets in sliding-door-closets in the inner hall, several long shelves there we use for that, and his is there too, just on their own on one side of a shelf. In those closets we also have big wire-baskets for laundry, and he has his own. (I wash baby clothes seperate from our dirty clothes.)

I have a basket in a shelf in the living room where I have various stuff like blankies and burp cloths so they're easy to grab. And his outdoor clothes in a basket in the sliding-door-closets in the outer hall, and another one holds carriers and babywearing cover. (All the kids have baskets for their hats, mittens, scarfs etc. in there.)

And I think that must be it?

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We also co sleep so there's not much to set up. I have a set of plastic drawers in my closet for his clothes and a few baskets for diapers/blankets and cloths/other essentials.

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we don't have much bedroom setup either...we'll be co-sleeping, and the babe will go between me and the outside of the bed, so i was going to buy the humanity family co-sleeper, then i heard about the tres tria...then i decided to put just a huge pillow underneath our sheet...since i've got three cats who are going to get cat hair on anything i add to the top of the bed :) we still have to try it out...but i think it's going to be great. if not i'll go back to my original idea.


i also had cleared out a chest of drawers before we even got pregnant as an invitation to babe! so, it's just been in the bedroom waiting... smile.gif and is currently 2 drawers full of gifts and thrift finds! we also went without the changing table and have a long vanity in between our bathroom sinks where we're planning on setting up a changing pad, and our nightstand isn't super full, so i thought from some of the other posts it'll probably end up having middle of the night needs so i can get out of bed less :)


i didn't want to buy a lot of "things", but we did end up getting a baby bath, it's the only thing i think we've got that is truly "optional"...of course i don't consider my two slings optional! ha!


i am happy about the lack of buying! enough of my rambling! it's fun to hear about everyone's set up...nintendork...i love your colors and style! 



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Thanks for the compliments guys, we agonized over the color and I am so glad it turned out just the way we wanted it.  The chair is actually from Ikea and the shelving unit was from a garage sale.  I LOVE a good deal lol.  I am still waiting for my husband to finish refinishing the dresser so I can put away all of the piles of clothes we got at our baby shower.  I was thinking i would do a drawer per size (btw the tags lie!  so I ended up making piles by clothes that are the same size and just disregarded the tags).  


Since I am new I have a question about the changing area, what needs to be handy?  Diapers and wipes, check, what else?

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Originally Posted by meg007 View Post

Now to get even more anal... Okay some of you have mentioned the dressers or closets where you're keeping clothes.  But what's the best way to organize the clothes?  Should I just put 0-3 month in one stack, or separate the 0-3 month by onesies and pants?  Or will I be too tired to care and I should just have a "this fits now" drawer of pants/shirts/onesies, and a "this will fit in a few months" drawer?  What do you do?

I put 0-3 in one drawer and 3-6 in the other and all other sizes are put away in a bin (so I can easily pull them out when baby outgrows 0-3, I can pull out 6-9 to add to the 3-6, and so on). I separated DS's clothes similarly and it was very, very useful. They grow so fast and not all sizes are really the same so this way as baby gets bigger and fits a little of each, I can just use what works. And I don't have to worry about, "Oh, I guess baby's ready for the next size up," and then pulling that out only to find that half those clothes are smaller than they say and don't fit. 


As for separating the one size by types of clothes, yes I'm doing that for now. By long sleeve onesies, shirts, pants, gowns. They're actually a little more organized than that, but those are probably the basic categories I'll keep... at least while I still manage to get them in the drawers. I don't think it'll be long before they're just lumped together in a basket (or, if I'm lucky, lumped together in the drawer, heh). 

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