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activities for 2 year old

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So, I stay at home all day with our 2 year old. Pregnant with number 2 currently. My question is, what activities have you found keep your 2 year old entertained? Either to do with him, or to let him do by himself. As he's gotten older, it's gotten harder to keep him busy, especially on the days when we don't go anywhere. I tend to go out with him just because a change of scenery keeps him entertained. I go to playdates, but the past two days have been really cold outside(I live in texas, this is rare!!), like in the 20's and 30's. If I just give it a few days, it will be back in the 50's and 60's and we'll be outside a bunch, but I don't feel bad about keeping us cooped up inside for the very rare cold days we have:) The only  thing about being inside all day is that we both get bored. Yesterday I made him cornstarch playdough and he loved that, and I let him play with cups and water in the kitchen. I just need more ideas to rotate out so he doesn't get bored with things! Thanks!

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Here are some things that I did with my kids when they were that age. They are now 4 and 6 and still enjoy most of them:

-homemade playdough, both making it and playing with it(you can google it for a recipe, but it's basically flour, salt, water, and cream of tartar)

-watercolor painting

-fingerpaint- for his age I'd just stick him in the bathtub to do this

making a sort of indoor sandbox: a bin with rice, beans, etc. Give him some measuring stuff and watch him go to down. My kids like to put their matchbox cars in it too.

-Give him some cornmeal in a bin, and let him add water.

Books, books, and more books!

-There's a thing, I believe called Rainy Day Survival kit, from onestepahead.com. It's basically an indoor swing that you drill into a doorway, with attachments. It's expensive but we've gotten tons of use from it. We put a small tumbling mat underneath it. We also use the mat for practicing somersaults, and now cartwheels.

-play with shaving cream. Show him how to form letters and shapes into it, and also just let him have fun just squeezing it

-Get a large roll of paper from an office supply store, and let him go to town with markers or crayons. It's easier for toddlers to have the free range movement  in their arms that large paper allows.

-Hide and seek

-I started both of my kids on kids' safety scissors at this age. You can get them at Target in the crafty kids section.  I would draw lines of construction paper and have them try to cut along the lines.(with lots of supervision of course) In the beginning they really struggled, but it got to be fun for them. The bonus was that by the time they were three and learning it in preschool, it was already a breeze for them.

-Play with pipe cleaners

-Today we made mini pizzas and the kids made "faces" on them with veggies


These are only some ideas. Feel free to PM me for more.


I can relate because I really remember struggling to find things to do with my first two year old. It's gotten easier for me over the years. Both of my kids are very active so I've had to become resourceful. The great thing about most of this list is that they're things that your son can do as he gets older. A lot of the stuff are things that you'll someday be able to do with a toddler and preschooler as well.


Good luck, and enjoy your time with your son!

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I made a to-do list of about 20+ activities that I know he enjoys; craft, playdo, cars, chalk on porch, nature walk to collect leaves/sticks, cars (use books or random objects to make roads/tracks) build with blocks, read books, extended bathtime play, magnets on the frige, puzzles, park, walks...just random simple stuff that we do but I post the to-do list every week becuase it's easy to get busy (esp with LO now) taking care of housework and cooking etc...GL!


God Bless.

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thanks for the ideas..very helpful!

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