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VBAC in Orlando

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has anyone had a successful VBAC in orlando?  if so, did you do it with a doctor or midwife at birthing center?  any recommendations for a good doctor/midwife?


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Just so you know, the Florida birth center rule prohibits women from having a VBAC at a birth center regardless of the care provider (LM, CNM, OB)  AHCA is currently revising the rule and consumer advocate groups are trying to get them to allow VBACs in birth centers with OB consult (as they are allowed to do this for homebirths per the midwifery rule).


I have heard of people using Kellie Johnson, LM in the Orlando area for HBACs.

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If anyone has had any luck with a hospital VBAC (and doctor), please share! We are thinking about trying for #2 at the end of this year (after my dd's 2nd birthday) and are looking for a VBAC-friendly OB. Thanks in advance!

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Just saw this thread, sorry it's been a while since the OP... I go to Dr. Felski and he attends VBACs at Winter Park Hospital. He has an interesting personality, but he is very competent and I highly recommend him.

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Also, I didn't mention before but you have a local ICAN chapter in that area.  I would hook up with them for better recommendations.


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After quite a bit of research, I finally found several that are VBAC-friendly.


Dr. Cates-Smith

Dr. Davila

Dr. Odom

Dr. Peppy

Dr. Santiago


All are with Physicians Associates and deliver at Winnie Palmer. According to an L&D nurse at Winnie, they are all fabulous to work with in terms of their bedside manner with patients and in terms of how they interact with staff.

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I just wanted to share that I switched from Felski (nothing to do with personal beliefs or what services he performs) due to what I would call a personality difference. I switched to Kaleen Richards, a CNM who just opened her own practice and VBACs at Winnie under the supervision of Dr. Edwards. Dr. Edwards does charge you a "medical management" fee to be on his patient load even though you will see and have your delivery with Kaleen.

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I am currently 24wks pregnant and looking for a new OB because intially my current OB promised to do a VBAC.  When I first met with him, I asked about having a VBAC done and he said I am an excellent candidate because I already delivered my first son naturally and he was 9lbs; my second son was 11lbs and I opted to have a c-section because I didn't want to risk pushing him out and him possibly getting stuck.  He said with this child, he'll just monitor the size of the baby as I progress.  Well at my last appointment, I asked him about the size of the baby and if she is at a normal size, and he said her size doesn't matter because I was going to have a c-section anyways.  I told him that we agreed on having a VBAC and he said that he wasn't going to do that for me because he didn't want to be at the hospital longer than he wanted to be and he wasn't willing to shut his clinic down for me, that he works out of two hospitals, and that the Department of Veteran's Affairs takes too long to pay him, and at the end of the day his job is a business.  I'm not willing to stay with a doctor who makes false promises and looks at his profession as more of a business than actually helping people.  His name is Dr. Michael Stroup, so he is NOT recommended, especially if you want a doctor who has your best interest at heart, not theirs.  Does anyone happen to know of a doctor that accept the VA as a form of payment and is VBAC friendly?   

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thanks for the info... we're thinking about TTC soon and I can't seem to find a doctor who will do a VBAC.  FL does not allow VBACs in birthing centers (???), so it would have to be one at home if I do it with a midwife.

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