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putting up a fence & our neighbors

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Hope this goes here.  Our neighbors put in a decorative ranch fence before we moved in.  It serves mostly as a boundary, because it doesn't keep kids or animals in or out.  We want to put up a 6 foot privacy fence b/c we eventually want to keep chickens (legal) & because we want to put in a swing set that the neighbor kids don't have unlimited access to.  We're worried the neighbors are going to be really irritated because their useless decorative fence is only about a year old.  Thoughts on how to approach this?

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Tell them you're getting a dog. The most definitely do not want your big hairy slobbering dog jumping over their decorative fence. 

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IMO, honestly, it's your property and you can put up a fence if you want to.  As long as it is within your property lines, and putting up a fence is within your HOA abilities, you don't need your neighbor's permission, nor should you even have to bring it up with them.  If you want to put up a privacy fence, by all means go ahead and do so!  :)

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We had a fence issue with a neigbhor.  My first suggestion would be to make sure you know your boundary lines before the fence goes in.  We had to get a surveyor involved when I saw the fence guy putting their fence several feet over our boundary.  It all worked out ok but it rubbed me the wrong way that they (the neighors) sort of didnt' care enough to make sure they were putting the fence on their property.


BTW - I don't blame you one bit for wanting a fence.  I suppose if you want to be nice you could tell your neighbors you will be putting up the fence for the same reasons stated here.  (Unless it is their children you want to keep out!)  It might be shocking for them to come home from work one day to a see a big fence next door.   But like someone said, if it is allowed under local zoning, HOA or whatever, fence away!

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When I put in a fence, I mentioned it to my neighbor just so they knew the work would be done. I only felt obligated to do so because I was having the chain link ripped out which was technically their fencing. I think if your fence doesnt have anything to do with them, you don't owe them an explanation.
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I always alert my neighbors of any work I have done around the house, as a warning there will be noise, strangers and vehicles around the neighborhood.  You are not asking for permission, you are just being a friendly neighbor.  They may not like your fence (I don't like the fence my neighbor put up), but you are within your rights to have it, and most neighbors should understand this and not give you any grief.

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I would just let the neighbors know you are putting up a fence.Best thing to do is get a survey done.A boundary survey. Ask them to locate or place  metal corner pins,and then place wooden markers every 10 to 20 feet along the boundary. This way there is no question as to where the property line is.If the neighbors disagree with the survey you can give them a few months to hire someone to confirm or dispute.If they do nothing then go ahead with the fence.


When we did our fence I mentioned it to neighbors.6 months later I did a boundary survey.Neighbor disagreed.I held off on the fence for 2 years.Had the surveyor come back and place markers every 10 feet. Got fencing permit. Waited 2 months. Had fence installed. I still hear neighbor talking to others  about the fence/line,but you can only wait so long to do what you want to do on your property. My wish was that the neighbor would have hired someone to survey,but instead I am stuck with comments and complaints.


Your city laws will dictate the height and location of the fence.Ours could be 6 feet high and right on the border.Right on the border/line makes it a community fence(neighbor owns it now too),so I placed mine a few inches inside the line to keep it all mine.Some cities require you place the fence a foot or more back.


I mention what I am doing but I never ask neighbors for permission or "how would you feel if..."

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