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Whey question

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In NT whey is defined as the water drained off of yogurt.  I just made some cottage cheese by culturing it with buttermilk, and wound up with 3 qts of whey - is this as good, can it be used instead?  I hate to waste it since it's goat, and DS seems to be sensitive to cow. 

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As far as I know, you cannot use it for making ricotta since it's already had an acid (buttermilk) in it.  However, I would not hesitate to use it for soaking beans, grains, or putting in soups!


I have almost a quart in my fridge I had left from making farmer's cheese.  I've been putting it in our soups, and soaked some beans and oats.

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I know this is a little different but I have been wondering if I can use the whey leftover from making mozarella for whey related recipes in NT? Does anyone know? Or does it have to be cultured raw milk whey?

(sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong spot!)

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Do you use acid of any sort to make mozarella?


I'm not positive if the health benefits are the same, but I just could not pour mine out!

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yes, citric acid....

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I imagine it would work fine, except for the fruit and vegetable ferments that need lactic acid.  You can also use it to feed pigs, make soap, fertilize plants, and add to smoothies.

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I like whey for making rice, and hear it great for baking breads. Probably pancakes too.  Some even use it for boiling noodles in.

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You can use whey to make soap?


I am just starting my researching/experimenting about soap and cheese making because I have lovely goats milk from our neighbors (all I can use!), and this coming Spring will have our own milk!  Plus I have our own wonderful honey from our hives to use. 

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