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Belly binding??

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I've read a lot about this over my pregnancy this time and I'm going to do it. I want to get a hip binder, too.  Just wondering if anyone has btdt or if you're planning to.  


I'm sort of stumped about what size to get though.  I don't want to spend a lot on one to outgrow it a week later, you know?  Also, I'm trying to figure out if the "name brand" ones (belly bandit, hipslimmer, etc.) are better than the basic models you would find at a medical supply store.  


So, binding.  Let's discuss!

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ddcc, and subbing. I'm wondering the same thing. The belly bandit looks very much like what I recieved from the hospital after my sons's birth. 

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I bound my belly after the last pregnancy and will do it again this time around. I really loved it! It helped my body go back to normal and made it so I felt better about myself. The older I get, the more difficult time my body seems to have bouncing back so this was a great help.


I used the Belly Bandit and will likely use it again. I called them the day after I gave birth, and they helped me with the sizing. I only bought one but this time I think I will buy the smaller size as well so when I start to shrink I can move down a size.

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I've been looking at this one in addition to the Belly Bandit. It's cheaper and has good reviews. http://www.amazon.com/Gabrialla-Breathable-Elastic-Abdominal-Binder/dp/B000WFW7W2


These are the only two hip binders I've seen: http://www.hipslimmer.com/ and http://www.upspringbaby.com/index.php?main_page=faq_shrinkx


I have to admit, the promise of pre-baby hips is mighty appealing, lol!

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I bought a medical  grade abdominal binder off ebay for under $30. I had the choice of three lengths so it actually goes down over my hips and right up under my breasts. It is totally adjustable so it can get pretty small. It isn't fancy with a nice print or anything just plain white but I think it will do the job. If it works out to not be enough for my hips as well as my belly I am going to just use ace bandages.

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Just found this site that has a lot of different binders.  There are ones for your hips. You just have to narrow the search by "trochanter" or "lumbosacral." They're much cheaper than the ones I posted before. They have lots of abdominal binders, too (just narrow with the search term "abdominal.")  


I even found a rib binder, lol!  Oh gosh, I feel like I'm getting vainer by the minute!

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That is what mine looks like! Awesome site. Thank you for posting!


This one looks the the newest version of the Belly Bandit http://www.allegromedical.com/orthopedics-orthotics-c528/10-double-closure-lumbosacral-belt-support-p215088.html

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I've never heard of such things!  Thanks for the info.  Is there a medial reason or just to help slim down?  Curious!

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This looks like it would be GREAT for post-cesarean support!  And I can totally see myself receiving visitors in those pants, which look amazingly comfortable and also sexy.  I bet DH would love for me to have some pants that look remotely good to wear at the moment ...

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Ace bandages... could I just find a gigantic ace bandage and use that instead? Haha. Broke girl here... broke girl who would feel really weird asking someone to buy a belly bandit for me. :-P

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Belly binding is common over here, Im going to go invest in the belts this weekend.. I hope it helps with the recovery, last time my stomach was painful during recovery. My husband actually said if I didn't invest in them he was going to since hes hoping it helps some.

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I had really awful after pains with DD for the first week or so. This is supposed to help minimize the post baby squeeze.

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From my reading, the abdominal binder is to help support your stomach muscles while you heal. I remember not wanting to cough or laugh after having my babies because it hurt! I know they're recommended for C-section mamas because they have even more muscle weakness from being cut.  I know belly binding is really common in some cultures.


The hip binder is supposed to be good since your joints are so loose after baby. But I'll freely admit that part of it appeals to me because of the shrinkage claims, lol! The name brand hip binder sites say that if you wear it for 8 weeks postpartum, it will hold your hips tight until the relaxin leaves your system at which time, your joints are solidified into a smaller position.  So, that mama hip spread is supposed to be better if you use the product.  I'm totally sucked in!


And then, the rib binder just made me laugh because a friend of mine was bemoaning how pregnancy had left her ribs permanently flared. I don't really have that problem, but if you do, you might like it ;)

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I am totally convinced.  WANT!!  :)

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I had c-section last time, so ymmv, but the support from the binder felt oh so good. The downside was that it was so very difficult for me to put on and take off myself. I was hoping to find something more user friendly this time.

Originally Posted by sweeteleanor View Post

I've never heard of such things!  Thanks for the info.  Is there a medial reason or just to help slim down?  Curious!

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i have heard of it, but never known why or who.....so, for those of you who have used one- it is comfortable? how long/often did you wear it?

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I wore it day and night for 40 days. And I did it totally to be vain. I was able to wear regular pants a week or two PP.


It kept my posture straight and my loose skin tight. I also sold it online for almost as much as I paid for it, after my belly was back to normal.


Just remember that most belly binders bought commercially should not be used after c-sections. Just regular delivery.

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I did notice that the Belly Bandit people recommend that C-section mamas use their bamboo version because it is antibacterial and wicks away moisture.

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I want to do this also. I just want one that can resize as my tummy get smaller. I use to hear about it but ignored it until after my 2nd child when I had trouble with my tummy now I want to do everything to help it get back to size.

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Don't know if anyone cares about having a brand-new one - I'm looking into the bamboo BB on Ebay, and they're selling for about 1/3 of the price.  Just don't bid on it if "ewert2ofj" is winning winky.gif.  


I'm asking my doctor at my next appointment when I'd be able to start wearing it after our birth, since it will be a cesarean unless I manage to go into labor on a weekday at 9 a.m. and have the baby out by 3 p.m.  I'm planning on having a couple so that I can have one be clean at all times, especially in the first super-sweaty days.  I'm planning on it mostly for support, but if it'll actually help, well, I'll admit to being vain and wanting an hourglass figure while I have sexy nursing breasts - normally my breasts are fairly small, so I will totally make the most of my breastfeeding C cup while it lasts!

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