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Springfield Hartford question

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Dh and I are thinking of moving sometime in the next couple of years. D works in hartford but we have family in the Springfield area. We are looking for a town somewhere between the two with easy acces to 91. We really want a town with a strong community, lots of things to do with little ones, places to bike hike, and nearby farms so we can get lots of local goodies. It would also be nice if the town had lots of parents with similar parenting styles as us. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Hi mamaluvs,

We live a little farther north in S. Hadley but my mother lives in Hartford...There really aren't a lot of options that come to mind but maybe West Hartford or that area -- not really a lot in between that fits all those requirements.  I would say it's more of a one or the other situation rather than being in between...


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enfield is a large-ish city [25,000 people, i think?], i don't know how big or small you're looking for. but it has very easy access to 91, is really close to springfield, and has lots of local farms. they also have a great library and a couple parks, plus lots of little shops, a mall, several shopping centers [best buy, kohl's, home depot, etc], and is like 15 minutes from wal-mart. there are several awesome state forests within a half hour.


if you wanted smaller and less busy, look at suffield--still very close to everything i mentioned but quieter and a little more upscale. also somers is suffield-like, a little further from 91 and the big stores, a little closer to some of the farms and shops.


if you want rural, stafford springs is a half-hour from 91, 15-20 from 84, minutes from state forests, 5-30 minutes from farms, and 30-45 minutes from pretty much anything except a grocery store. also 45ish minutes from hartford and springfield. so, if you are a family who'll sacrifice closeness for countryness, it's a good place for it :)


good luck in your search!


edited to add: if you do move up this way, pm me :)

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Thanks for the info!

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We are in Windsor and it's a great town for tiny ones.  The schools are not fantastic here but there is a lot to offer for littler kids.  You could go to a free playgroup every day sponsored by the town. There are trails along the Farmington River to walk/ride a bike. We have a walkable center of town with restaurants, a town green that does free concerts all summer, and a weekly farmer's market. I live within walking distance of the center and take my stroller to the grocery store, post office, the train station ( a bit hit with little boys!), the library and the farmer's market.  And the town is very diverse but solidly middle-class. We're 10 min north of Hartford and 30 min south of Springfield.

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Thank you lizfu

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West Hartford is lovely, has great highway access, a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe's.  There are lots of great activities for little ones and the school system is top notch.  

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