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ai ai ai mama. you are calling their creative treasures garbage? ai ai ai


hmm with dd each piece means something. likes the shiny picture from her shoes tag. that packaging peanut looks like a dogs face. heart shaped rock. due to lack of space she cant have as big a collection as she would like - but oh boy you should see her backpack which i clean out once a week. all sorts of 'garbage' in there that she saves. yeah even the organic sticker on the avacado. they all have a reason for saving and storing. 


I used to feel that way, but the stuff has accumulated and the art she makes with stuff that should go into the trash is a one time thing that she doesn't care about after creating and the clutter is driving me mad.  She does so much meaningful art that she does feel attached to that it is hard for me to feel like a thing made out of garbage has any worth beyond the momentary fascination to my dd.