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Still here as well, due date's not til 1/23 and it's our first... haven't had a cervical check since just after xmas, when it was still long and closed, but softening. Haven't had anything I could definitely identify as Braxton Hicks or other contractions yet. I've been having non-stress tests every week since week 36, baby's head down and doing great but my uterus is totally calm. I'm actually glad, since I still have a major work project to finish this week, and Mom's coming from out of town on Saturday and I'd love for her not to miss the birth. I've got a list of stuff to do before baby comes, and there are still a lot of items unchecked... most importantly, I've only halfway packed my hospital bag, and I need to clean out the freezer so I can make room for more easy meals once baby gets here.


Glad you started this discussion, I was beginning to feel like I was the only one in the DDC that hadn't popped yet, it's nice to know I've got such good company!

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Due date 1/30, still pregnant, no signs of labor!

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I was due on 1/6. I'm worried because if I go 2 weeks over I'll have to go to the hospital, where I would get a random OB. My midwives cannot attend me there. I am utterly terrified of having to deal with typical hospital BS.

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I was due yesterday and still no signs of labor.  Nothing at all.  I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that it could still be a couple of weeks.  That seems like such a loooooooonnnnnngggggg time.

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I was due two days ago. I'm a first timer so it shouldn't be surprising I'm going over, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about it! I've always been super impatient, and the waiting is pure torture. I haven't had any signs of labor to encourage me, either. Also, she's posterior, and I've read that posterior babies can make you go late, so I've been working very hard on positioning and doing all the tips and tricks from spinningbabies.... but she likes it where she is. Hmph.

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Add me. EDD the 24th, and still cookin.

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Still here, due the 28th.  Thought baby would make his entrance sometime this week, as I had been having stronger contractions and bloody show starting Friday.  But alas as of yesterday, everything has stopped and I am still pregnant.

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Still prego too!  Due the 21st and who knows when I will go.  I keep telling people I don't mind because it is easier to carry him around in my stomach than if he was here already!  He will come soon enough.

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I'm due on the 19th, but had dd at 42w+1 so am not surprised to still be here.  Trying not to hope too hard that this one will come earlier...  dd was positioned badly so that could be what delayed labor last time.  Or not...

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still here too!  can't believe how many babies have been born already!  I'm due the 21st, but my midwife gave us a shock-tease last month thinking I could go at any time.  Apparently, she was wrong and baby's just super tall or something.  He/she is also posterior it seems and has been for awhile.  It's so weird - I'm ready yet I'm not ready.  Maybe the full moon next week will trigger some action for us.

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Due on tuesday the 18th and no baby yet...this should motivate me to get things done before she gets here, but it hasn't.  whistling.gif

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Due on Sunday (30th), I asked the Dr to check my cervix and it is totally closed.




Also, I have PUPPP, and am very eager to get this baby out so I can stop dreaming about grabbing a handful of forks to scratch my skin off with.




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I am 42 weeks, 1 day and still here.  Sigh...

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sorry greenmulberry. i'm pretty miserable, but you sound worse off than me :(

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Still pregnant here and no sign of labor anytime soon.

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yeahthat.gif  40 + 2

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40 + 5.  :(

just had a very spicy burrito & pineapple.  I'll try anything natural at this point!  

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40 + 4. I haven't been around very much but am resurfacing now at the end.....Made an acupuncture appointment tomorrow and keep trying to repeat to myself that babies know when to be born, babies know when to be born.....

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41 today.  SO ready.  dc1 and 2 were both late, so i'm not surprised, but still....

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The hospital I go to, which I normally love, schedules induction when you are in your 41st week. I am not happy about that one thing, I suppose I could fight it.


I am going to let them strip my membranes on Monday, when i am 40 w 1 d, because I really don't want to get to 41.

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