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40+1 over here... never thought I would go this late since DS was born at 39 weeks. Everything is calm in the belly and LO seems to be very comfortable in there. I am miserable though.....

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Still pregnant.


We are going to have the "Midwest storm of the Decade" (cue scary music) with 12 + inches of snow starting on Tuesday. I bet that is when I will have the baby and need to go to the hospital.

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I'm having the same thought greenmulberry.  We have a 45 min drive to the birth center from our house.  While I've been sort of thinking "a home birth wouldn't have been all that different after all", I was thinking of a planned, attended home birth--not Sweet Husband and the "emergency delivery" chapter of "What to Expect...."


I've been whispering to the small fella "You can either come today, or make yourself comfortable until Thursday, but no in-between!"

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I'm 40+3 now...not really a surprise but I am SO tired all the time so I guess I'm ready.  This week might be nice....

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I just got back from my Dr appt. They refused to check my cervix because the baby was so high they said there was no point in checking, I wouldn't be dialated at all with the baby so high.


40w 1 day.

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41 here now. I've scheduled with an acupuncturist on Wed. I have a MW appointment tomorrow, I don't think I want a stretch and sweep until after I've had a chance to let the acupuncture work a little, but I'll cave to it later in the week if it means no hospital birth. Been pretty tired and felt like doing nothing the past day and a half, maybe this means more than just too many nighttime bathroom trips?


We are supposed to get freezing rain starting tonight through Wednesday morning irked.gif, I'll take snow over that any day, so now I just hope he hangs in until at least later on Wednesday.


greenmulberry - I hate hearing they didn't even check you, much less stripping your membranes. Hang in there. My GF that delivered her first recently carried really high through her whole pregnancy. She said baby didn't really drop at all as she went into labor on her own, she did say that she had to push an awful lot though.

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Intoit-  Well I wanted them to strip my membranes, but, my doctor said that because the baby was so high, that my cervix would be very closed and it would be painful, and greatly increase the risk of accidentally busting my bag of waters while they did it. And he said if they broke the waters early I would likely end up being induced. He knows I really, really don't want to be induced so I held off. He would have done it if I insisted but I got scared.


They checked me middle of last week and my cervix was closed up tight. So, I guess I wait. I have been DTD almost every day since my appointment last week, which is a lot of effort at 40 weeks, hoping to get things moving.

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When I checked yesterday I still hadn't begun to dilate either. That's with EPO caps orally and vaginally, and trying to DTD, every other day is about as close as we've been able to get, starting to become tedious! I'm curious to see what I'll get told if I get an internal, but still going to hold off on it. I worry that even if I am able to get a membrane sweep done it'll make for an uncomfortable time waiting for labor to start, not a bad thing unless it takes more than a day. I don't want to risk breaking the bag either, then having to go on the clock.


I did have US/NST today, and baby is still super great. I'm so grateful for that, but still worried he's gonna try and cook until the 42 week mark.

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