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What's in our food?

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I thought this would be a good dumping ground for info. I'm a research hound, and particularly interested in what vitamins, minerals, or potential toxins may be in my food right now! Feel free to discuss or post other bits of info or whatever.


Tonight, we had Tilapia (because the baby wanted Tilapia! lol). It led to a discussion about mercury levels in different fish. I found this list interesting and thought I'd share. If more links are shared, I'll copy them into the first post here for easy access.


Mercury in Fish


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Awesome idea. I love it.

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Recently watched Foodmatters on netflix and learned about Dr. Gerson and his diet.  He and his fellow docs believe in healing with nutrition and that poor nutrition causes disease.  Made me want to revamp my diet right away.

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I'm not familiar with Dr Gerson (but will be looking him up today!) but have similar ideals about food. Regardless, though...knowledge is power, n all that jazz. ;)

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