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Hi y'all,


We live in an RV and are in TX at the moment.  We'll be in the Tampa area in 4 days, and we'll be looking for a rental home there to settle down and try to set some roots!


Anyway, my 7yo has asthma that is well controlled with only homeopathy as long as I avoid her triggers and keep her in a warm location.  Sadly, we are in a very cold spot now because we tried to go to a wedding.  But DD is now way too sick with asthma now and we can't attend.


So she needs a doctor asap!  I just took her to the doctor in TX, and it was a stupid holistic-minded DO.  It was an awful visit and I didn't learn much.  She gave us some new stuff to try, and it isn't working. My goal is to avoid the ER for the next 4 days while we drive to FL and practically land at the new doctors office.


So I want to get started with a new doctor right away!  I would greatly appreciate any recommendations.  Thanks so much!!