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EC and babywearing

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I am on the fence about starting EC. I had thought about it while I was pregnant, and then thought twice about it as I just do not want to be stressing out about something else. And it is a pretty intense commitment.


However, my 3.5 week old little girl has already had two bouts of diaper rash (my son had it once, when he was about 1 year old) :( She is in ecological disposable diapers - as I have not had the time to get into my cloth stash.


So, I am thinking more seriously about diaper free - at least a good portion of the time.

Just not sure how it would work with my wrap sling.


Right now she is lying on a cloth diaper with her feet in socks and a blanket wrapped over her to keep her warm.


Where can I find a good read on getting started? I read the Mothering article a couple of issues back - but just have not been able to take the plunge - psychologically!





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I was lucky to have two wraps and two ring slings (due to hand-me-downs and loans) so I had one I could wash. My LO rarely peed or pooped in the sling though she did it sometimes. I would kind of lay a couple prefolds under her bum in case. She was worn many, many, many hours of the day as a newborn.


I started EC at 2m. Always had lots of nakey time, and DS had really started complaining about dipes at around 15m, so we did a semi-ECish thing with him though I didn't know it. But when DD was brand-new I read Christine Gross-Loh's book from the library. I liked it b/c she writes about doing EC part time, etc. I also was not interested in full-time diaper free baby-- idea just stressed me out. Now that I've done EC once maybe I'd do more again, but part-time was perfect for me.


Good luck and I hope the rash clears up.

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Originally Posted by ema-adama View Post

 And it is a pretty intense commitment

It doesn't need to be!!!  Just offer a couple of times a day and you'll make a difference.  What I did with my little one when she was brand new, was to open her diaper when she fussed and let her lie on it.  If she peed/pooped on it, I would make the 'sssss' sound to get it in her head as something associated with peeing/pooping.  After a while (like after a week or so?), I would make the sss sound when I wanted to give her a chance to go, and sometimes she would.  Again, usually while she was lying on an open diaper (she didn't like to be held over a bowl when she was just a week old). 


You could just opt to offer at the most likely times and/or when it's convenient for you.  Some good times to try are:


1. If she's ever nursing and popping on and off the boob, is unable to settle down and nurse, is nursing very fussily, etc.  For both my dd's this meant they needed to pee/poop (or it meant that they were EXHAUSTED).


2. Any time you change a wet diaper just give her a few extra seconds to lie on the open diaper while you "ssss" at her.


3. Right after she wakes from a nap (before she starts to cry).


4. After you've been carrying her for a while and are ready to put her down.


5. 5-10 minutes after nursing...the first time you notice her fuss after you nurse and burp.


6.  Any time she suddenly fusses when you've been carrying her happily for a while.


7. Any unexplained fussiness that can't be cured with boob, needing a diaper change, sleepiness, or burping is probably due to needing to pee.  So if your baby slept recently, has nursed, doesn't need to burp, and is dry...chances are she needs to pee!


I rarely do any naked time.  I almost always use diaper backup, and when I don't, I usually have her on a puddle pad or something to catch any mess that results.  It works just fine, and reduces the initial "wow, this is an intense commitment, I have to get this perfect or I'm going to get it!" feeling.


Also, a good read is "Diaper Free Baby" by Christine Gross-Loh (not Diaper Free by Ingrid Bauer. Some people really like this one too, but I think it makes it seem more like it does have to be an intense commitment, especially to folks who are just starting).


Good luck!  Have fun and don't stress about it--I think that's the most important part actually.  If it becomes a big deal or overwhelming, it can make you both stressed about it...not worth it in my opinion.  Just do what works for you easily and don't try to push yourself to do more.

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I think the thing that turns people away from EC or prevents them from even considering it is the idea that it has to be a full time commitment.  I know this is what made me hesitate to even consider EC once I knew what it was.  Fortunately, someone told me that some EC is better than no EC and so I decided to give it a try.  We are still part timers and although we did have a fair bit of naked time in the early days, I don't find we do much of it now because we've got a bit of a system down.  This might change as DS changes, grows, and signals differently though.  


For us, I started out trying to get all catches.  I was frustrated and DS was frustrated.  So I refocused, read Christine Gross-Loh's book, and started focusing on the communication not the catches or misses and restarted part time. I started just trying for a few catches a day, and focused on poos because DS's signals were so clear and now 3.5 mos later, EC "full time" at home (DS is still mostly in prefolds with no cover and we have trainers on order) is second nature.


I guess my rambling story is getting at this:  Do as much or as little as you are comfortable with at the time.  Do what works for you and your family.  Don't let it be stressful, it doesn't need to be.


As far as baby-wearing, the prefold in the sling seems like a good way to go.  Baby is also warmer when you are wearing  her because she is up against your body.  You could have a shirt on her, and baby-legs and socks.  Just a bear bottom on the prefold.

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I also agree Gros-Loh's book is a great resource.  Lot's of great advice above too.  My experience is that babies don't particularly like to pee or poo while being carried in a sling.  DD has only peed in the sling 2x in a year's time.  She's 15 m now and we actually use our sling as a tool when we are going through hard EC times.  It seems to reconnect she and I while reminding her to be aware of her elimnation.  Good luck, it is a wonderful journey and yet another way of communicating with your LO.

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I part-time EC/ disposables as well. This website below is what made me try it. Lots of information.



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Thank you all so much for your support and suggestions.


I wore her in my wrap today with a prefold. biggrinbounce.gif


Although it was only about a half hour. She also has a blocked nose and we are in bed most of the time as I try to catch up on 5 nights missed sleep.


I am going to get the Diaper Free Baby - although Infant Potty Training: A Gentle and Primeval Method Adapted to Modern Living looks really interesting too- might get that just for inspiration. Hmmm, will start with Christine Gross-Loh's book.


Thank you again - will come back to read this thread when I am not quite so sleep deprived.

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Originally Posted by ema-adama View Post
Although it was only about a half hour. She also has a blocked nose and we are in bed most of the time as I try to catch up on 5 nights missed sleep.

That's awesome you did it for a while yesterday!  Congrats!  I would also say that for me, sleeping and breastfeeding were/are more important than ec.  Especially with such a young baby.  I started ec with my older dd when she was 3 months old and it worked just fine.  So do what works, and don't stress.  I hope you get sleep soon!  (I think the INfant POtty Training book would be fascinating.  I read her "Infant Potty Basics" book when I was starting and it was really helpful, but I've heard that the full book has much more information on history, etc...it sounds really interesting).

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