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Help get Ina May on Oprah

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This weekend I was at a workshop where Ina May Gaskin was discussing the out of control c-section rate in the U.S. It came up that she was interested on being on Oprah. It has not happened yet...

Ina May suggested that herself, Dr. Christiane Northrup and Pam England would make wonderful, informed guests.

Well, I sent an email today to the Oprah Show Ideas. Below is my attempt to limit this "plea" to less than 2000 characters! Please chime in with your reasons/ideas about birth rights/choices in the U.S. And get as many family and friends to do the same!

I figure worse case Oprah gets annoyed at us.:LOL

My email.

Birth Rights/Choices for Women. I am coming to you not only because of the number you reach but due to your support for women's health, the empowerment of women through education and ability to make informed decisions and the right and ability for women to excercise the right of choice. Recently I was at a workshop with Ina May Gaskin (Spritual Midwifery, Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, www.inamay.com), a leading US Midwife who expressed interest on being on your show. Ina May thought it would be great to be on with Christiane Northrup, who has been on your show before, and Pam England, also a midwife and doula training (Birthing from Within www.birthingfromwithin.com). It would be amazing to have these women reach out to others to discuss the maternal and infant mortality rates in the U.S., as well as the pros and cons of c-sections, epidurals, inductions, vaginal births after c-sections, and alternative pain relief, doulas and alternatives to hospital births. It is not for any one person to dictate how a woman births but we are all respsonsible for sharing our wealth of information for safe and healthy mothers and infants. This is a large topic with a growing movement of support. It needs greater exposure. It is difficult to compete with the high dollars of for-profit medicine that benefits from increased billing. But greater is the empowerment of women who know their choices and their rights to birth their children. Greater is the need for women to feel safe, supported and loved, not violated, traumatized and alone, as she brings immeasurable joy to breathe with her on earth.

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i have no suggestions- it sounds great! i am horrible at wrighting those types of letters. i think it is a wonderful idea, and a topic that american woman NEED to see- discussed from such wonderful minds.
you go girl!
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thank you for posting this!

I just sent my email-not as eloquent as yours-yours is great!--but I took a personal perspective and mentioned that women need information, and that after my research I realized that the safest place for me to birth was not in a hospital--and that I'm not super crunchy (just mostly alternative but that's our secret) just a regular American woman.
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Thanks for your efforts. I hope a lot of people reach out and put their reasons for being in control of their birth out there. That is the key. I hope this leads somewhere but Ina May said she had been trying to get on for a while. I thought some outside assistance might help.
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I've been sent Oprah an email on this topic before, I will send one again. If anyone has some documented statistics on infant mortality, cesarean births, etc....that may be helpful to send. I dream of Oprah doing this show. It would defiantly stir up a lot of discussion. Anyway, I'll send my letter out again.
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Here's a copy of my letter:
Perhaps if a letter doesn't work we could circulate a petition around the mothering boards.

I just wanted to take a minute to share a thought with the Oprah staff. I feel that the most valuable shows Oprah does are the shows that investigate our experiences as woman. In American media, woman are often ignored or falsely portrayed. Your show often gives woman a place to speak from. That being said, I’d like to offer up a show idea that I feel woman deeply need to hear about, Birth in the United States. When I gave birth two years ago I felt prepared. I educated myself with a variety of books and took a childbirth class. It turned out that what I knew was just the tip of the ice burg. My birth experience was not what it could have been. I still feel great sadness when I think of my birth experience. I know I am not the only woman who has experienced these emotions. I recently read a quote in a birthing book, it stated (loosely quoted): “There is a direct correlation between how woman are valued in a society and how they are cared for during birth.”
I have felt the realties of this quote through my own birthing experience. Women deserve a level of care that is not available in United States hospitals. The care we receive does not look out for our physical (the United States is currently 27th, for infant mortality), emotional, or spiritual well-being.
There has been extensive research done on this topic. Authors such as Robbie E. Davis-Floyd, Suzanne Arms, Pam England, Barbara Harper, and Ina May Gaskin have written detailed books on this topic.
I would like to see Oprah do a show on the state of birth in America. Birth is a life-altering event for women. All women deserve the right to a fulfilling birth experience.
Thank you,
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What a cool idea!!!!! I think the more emails we send the better... I am off to send one now!
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Okay... heres a copy of the email I sent to Oprah:
I am writing this email because I feel that your show is a great source of valuable information for millions of women across the world.

There is a subject that many people have avoided or ignored: Routine C-Sections in hospitals across the world. What many women dont know is that there is a lot of valualbe and very important information out there regarding safe alternatives to hospital procedures during pregnancy and birth.

Ina May Gaskin is the author of Spiritual Midwifery and is an amazing women! She has been a midwife for over 30 years - delivering thousands of babies safely in the homes of thousands of mothers. I think that it would be great to invite her onto the show so that the message of alternative birthing practices can be made known to more women.

Thank you kindly
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I wonder if there is a way the mods could cross post this to the pregnancy, ttc, and other relative forums....
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My goal is to to spread the word as many ways as possible! I felt kind of cheesy and apprehensive about this at first but Ina May herself sat there and said this was something she wanted to accomplish. I might not do all the things Ina May can but I have a voice and if I truly care it is for me to use.

I got the "giggles" during the workshop though trying to imagine discussing some of these topics with Oprah's more often mainstream audience sitting there

Ina May was saying that Oprah had Naomi Wolf on talking about her book Misconceptions so she has swerved near these topics before.
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Ah ..i got those RFBA emails to go see Ina May in Richmond, but we moved farfar away but I did meet her at the one 2 or 3 years ago. I can just imagine her being on the show and saying how we should feel comfortable saying the word PUSS and the audience's reaction!:LOL
I'm off to send my e-mail now.
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I love Oprah. I TiVO it every day. Does anyone remember the Truth of Motherhood episodes two years ago? Where moms were "honest" about how difficult the first few weeks postpartum (and motherhood in general) were and how they were TOTALLY unprepared for it? (By no means, it was not a perfect show. There was a lot of complaining/negativity by the moms and not much in the way of understanding of WHY.... so the show got very contraversial and there was a nasty follow-up of moms who got back on to counter the moms who complained. : )
What Mothers Honestly Think about Motherhood - 10/8/02

Well, Naomi Wolf was on the panel. I just finished her book MISCONCEPTIONS: Truth, Lies & the Unexpected on the Journey to Motherhood (not perfect, but I enjoyed it overall, especially since she devotes a chapter to what's wrong with high-tech American hopsitals births). She also devotes either a chapter or a large section to the amazing work of INA MAY.

So..... if you write Oprah (and I will - great idea!) you can mention that this topic is related to Naomi's book.

Ketilave, why not post on other boards (TAO, Activism, Media, I'm Pg.... ask for permission first.)

Which gave me an idea.... I'll mention HypnoBirthing too.... it helped me have a painfree 18 hour hospital labor last time. It would be really nice to spread the word.
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There have been so many visits to this thread I really hope people are speaking up!

Thanks to all of you for just peeking in and even more to those of you for using your voice.

I didn't want to post this in a lot of places because I didn't want anyone to feel pressured. I was hoping those that are interested would do their part and then share the thread or information with other friends. I hope that is what is happening. If you know someone that would be interested or has a message they need to share link them here!

Thanks for all the support!
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I just wrote Dr. Christiane Northrup. She has been on Oprah and wrote forwards for Ina May and Suzanne Arms. Maybe she can help. Any other thoughts on people I should bug. Also, just sent Oprah.com the link to the celebrity homebirths thread in case the topic needed some STAR appeal.
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I work for Suzanne Arms. I can bug her if ya think it'd help. She's pretty damn persuasive!
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Originally Posted by dready*mama
I work for Suzanne Arms. I can bug her if ya think it'd help. She's pretty damn persuasive!
Absolutely! She's my latest read at the moment! Try to stick with one authors line of thinking at a time or I get you thinks what all confused. Thank you!
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-k-. she doesn't get back into town until Saturday, so I'll let ya'll know what she says.
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Received 5/5/04

Dear Kate:

We?re all on the same page with this. My new book on mothers ? including birth info that intersects with Ina May?s ? will be out February 2005, and Bantam is doing a big promotion. I?m hoping that there will be lots of media opportunities at that time. In the meantime, know that I agree with you and so do thousands of others.

Christiane Northrup M.D.

At this time my plan is to start bugging her again in December.
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