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Do you treat yourself?

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I stepped on the scale this morning and noticed that I've lost another 8lbs in two months.  I haven't changed anything in my diet but have been doing a bit more cardio, so maybe that's why I've lost the weight.   But I've been having a crappy week with my work and thought I'd treat myself to a new pair of shoes today (I have a gift card to a local shoe store that I got for Christmas, so it's not like it's any money coming from my account, but I haven't bought myself new shoes in MONTHS). 


So, do you treat yourself when you met your goal?  Whether it be weekly, monthly, yearly, whatever.  What have you or do you like to treat yourself with?

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Yep, I sure do!  Especially, when I was first really losing a lot of weight.  It helped keep me focused on something tangible other than the weight loss.  It also had a lot of practical reasons.  I needed to buy new clothes because the old ones were too big.  When I got closer to my goal weight, I promised myself several new garments that I would need.  A major one for me was when  a friend and I worked towards a long term exercise goal.  when we met it, we flew down to Florida for a girls' weekend.  It was heavenly!

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I do....with food! Is that bad? lol.gif

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Yup.  When I was actively losing a lot, I would get myself a little something.  Sometimes I would go to the thrift store and buy a few things, sometimes it was something bigger.


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Well, I ended up buying myself TWO pairs of shoes last week that were $28 for both!!  One pair was 50% off and the other 70%!  They are summer/spring shoes.  The fact that I found two pairs of shoes at a great price and I had lost weight....it was like a double whammy!!   It was a good week. ;)

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Good for you!  I have had to really re-write the script I had with myself for pampering myself.  I have had a pretty unhealthy relationship with food, so when I was beginning this journey, it helped to keep me focused by finding rewards that really emphasized the lifestyle changes I was making.  Clothes was obvious because of my changing body.  But, I also would treat myself to some time alone, a movie with a friend, sitting with a book by myself, and as I got more into my athletic pursuits, an expensive race registration or exercise gear. 

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