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I was definitely in denial.  It was bad.  Honestly for at least the past two weeks I've been making it, and letting it sit and then maybe taking one sip...and then finally pouring it out.  I just didn't want to admit that I didn't want it!

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My coffee consumption is decreasing as well. For years I have drank two cups but only because I had a massive coffee cup. shy.gif It broke a couple weeks ago, and so now with the next largest size I have, it is about 3 cups. I am down to 2, I still need one but I am sipping on the last one rather then downing it. I always lose the taste for it in the first tri for a couple/few weeks and then go back to drinking a lesser amount and eventually lack of sleep has me upping it again. 

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Good job cutting out the coffee.  I weaned myself off as soon as I found out I was pregnant.  I joked with DP that I almost didn't want to test the day I did because I would feel obligated to not drink coffee--I love it, but cut out all caffiene and don't use any medications (unless I absolutely have to while I'm pregnant).  The cutting out coffee turns out not to be too bad as is starts to taste bad to me early in my pregnancies and then I just don't drink it.  With DD I was able to drink coffee right away after she was born--like the next day or day after and it was goooood!

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Good job! If I'm a barista and can give up coffee, then I know you can TOO!  bouncy.gif hehe

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I recently took back up my half cup of real, purely caffeinated coffee every morning.  It is my one luxury I can afford myself since, get this, CHOCOLATE makes my stomach churn!  I figure a half cup of the high test can't be all that bad?  (esp. since I turn it into a full cup with so much cream!--very low cal, I know!) 

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 but it has over twice the amount of caffeine as hot coffee so I won't drink it. 


It does??!? How???  What if you got a half decaf iced coffee?  OMG I would dieeee!


Erica - that makes total sense, and I still think you're awesome and you're right - I would do the same in a heartbeat! 


They double brew iced coffee so it won't be dilute. Horrible. I had a heart attack when I read it and then worried myself half to death. Now, if you make plain old coffee at home and put it in the fridge the coffee content is the same because you're only brewing it once.


Here is what I do...it's a psychological thing:

I make one cup of coffee and pour it into a Mason jar and put it in the fridge (I like iced coffee, but you can jusy re-heat it if you want it hot). I then drink 1/3 of a cup at a time throughout the day. I load it with milk so it seems like a whole cup. By breaking it up into 3rds it's like having 3 cups of coffee during the day. At least, I have tricked myself into believing that.



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