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I feel like this is all a big mistake.

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Why am I co-sleeping? Last night was the worst ever, and there have been many bad ones believe me. I can't handle being kicked, pinched, and waking up every time he moves. I can't remember why I was so passionate about doing this. I wish to god I had "trained" him to be in a crib. What's so bad about a crib anyway? Last night at 1:30, after being up for hours and having to go to bed at 6:30, I just started crying hysterically. Then he started screaming and was so scared. This is horrible.

I feel so resentful that I bought into how great this is. This is not good. I'm sorry I sound this way but it's how I feel right now. All I did last night was try to sleep on the other side of him! I feel like taking my copy of ncss and flushing it down the toilet. greensad.gif

We were doing okay for a little while but now he wakes and stays awake so easily. He's 15 months..
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It doesn't work for everyone. Don't feel guilty for it. you have to do what works best for your family and if you are so lacking sleep that you can't function you don't have to keep doing it. I only lasted about 5 weeks with all of my kids. I could not sleep at all, every sound I woke up, There is only so long I could function on 10-60 minutes of sleep at a time. Even now if my 4 year old crawls into bed with me, I wake constantly. Right now my baby is waking every 2 or 3 hours, but I get way more sleep walking down the hall way feeding, then going back to my own bed. If I put the baby in my bed, ( I've tried)I get no sleep at all, I just can't relax. Other people would just feed the baby and fall right back asleep and find it more tiring to get out of bed. Do what works for you!

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I know the feeling of pinched, etc.  My LO likes to pull my hair.  It's like his security blanket.  When he has a bad night he pulls constantly, it feels.  I hope tonight is better for you.  Co-sleeping definitely is much easier for us now that my LO is bit older.  I'd say after about 18 months his sleep patterns evened out more, and there was less of the hair pulling.  When he wakes up, I take him pee and then I lie down, with my back to him.  Anyway, I know co-sleeping can be a pain, but I'm not sure the other way is any easier, having heard from friends who were up all night anyway with their kids whom they supposedly sleep-trained.  Hoping your nights get better and better! hug.gif

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I cant co-sleep either .  My LO is 4 months old and if i tuck him into bed with us ...which just sounds like it would be SO NICE!  i wake up for every little twitch and HE wakes up when my husband starts to snore.  We keep LO in a Co-Sleeper next to the bed, when he wakes up, i sit up in bed and nurse him - then put him back in the co-sleeper.  I was looking forward to co-sleeping , but its clear we need separate spaces.  Hes outgrowing the co-sleeper pretty quickly and our next move will be to move a small futon into our room, right next to our bed.  So he will have a separate mattress - but still be very close.  Im hoping he wont decide to get up in the middle of the night and LEAVE the bedroom - i suppose if he does, we will replace the futon with a crib. 

My sisters LO used to nurse all night long at that age (15 mos) - but if she wasnt there...he just slept - no waking, no crying - he just slept.  So she slept alone in the guest bedroom for months!  If it works, it works and dont feel guilty about it!

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Thank you all for the replies. I think what makes it tough is that we actually do have a side crib basically attached to the bed.. but it seems like he just can't be even that far from me, and honestly, I hate being that far from him! But I really hate feeling like I do right now. I just don't have the energy to make any big changes at the moment...
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