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I never could figure out how to back carry with a wrap (LOVE wraps!) so I got a Beco.  Well, dangit I didn't research them well enough before I got the Gemini!


I pretty much only back carry in the Beco.  The Gemini does NOT have the little pouch to put the baby in before you put the backpack on.  The suggested way to put on the Beco for back carrying is putting the baby in the carrier in the front and then sliding the whole thing front to back.  


Here are my issues:


1)  When I'm scooching baby and carrier front front to back, my clothes look all messed up.  Maybe this is vain on my part, but there's no amount of tugging at my clothing to make them look un-frumped once I have the carrier on.


2)  Putting one arm (like a back pack) through the carrier is fine... the other arm/shoulder gets really tense.  I am still sore from wearing her the other day.  What am I doing wrong?


3)  My baby is 6 months and for outings when she's not sleepy, I don't need the back head rest thing, it can fold down.  Thing is, when it's folded down and I try to put her on, for some reason it comes unsnapped.



I really like this carrier... other than these issues it's super comfy when it's on.  Any advice is most welcome!