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Snow days/school closings in your town?

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Hello, I don't live in the northeast...I live in Boone, NC which is a mountain town in the south. These last 2 winters have been terrible  and we have had a ton of school closings due to snow...last winter had 20, this year 11 SO FAR. Anyway, some of the parents are having a meeting about it and trying to come up with solutions...I'm enquiring to you all how your rural towns deal with school closings? Here in Boone is mountainous rural terrain which is their excuse for closing so much...the buses cannot get there. I've read that in Vermont they have an average of 4 snow days...how do they do that? How do they handle safety issues with the buses driving in snow? Any thoughts? Thank you so much for your input.

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Yikes, eleven!?

We just had our first this week.


I don't know how our average snowfalls compare, so it's hard to make a real comparison... we often don't get much snow until January, and it only lasts until March, with only very occasional storms after that.


My only thought: sometimes schools open two hours late to give the plows more time to clear the roads.

Once in a while, when a storm is arriving in the afternoon, school will be let out early to get kids home before it hits.

Otherwise, the school year just ends up getting extended later into the summer!


Wish I had more to offer!

Good luck with the rest of your winter!

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Ramlita...what town in Vermont do you live in? How much snow did you have this week? Well we had 90 inches last year and will probably be close to that again this year. These 2 years have been bad but still we need better policies. Do you know anyone in snowier towns in VT like Burlington and how many closings they have had?

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I live in a fairly snowy area in northern Vermont.  Twenty snow days in one winter is unbelievable!  It would be rare to have more than half a dozen here.  We just had what was probably the biggest snowfall so far this winter - maybe as much as a foot in my area.  Schools closed early the day the snow was falling, and by the next day they were open as usual.  I think maybe we've had one other snow day so far. 


It sounds like we don't get a lot more snow than you do down there.  I just looked up the annual snowfall for Burlington, and it averages 80 inches.  In Derby, one of the snowier areas, it averages 101 inches.  We're probably somewhere in between where I live.  I wonder if the difference is that everyone is better prepared for it here.  Plowing, sanding, and salting seem to get done pretty quickly and thoroughly.  A lot of snow has to fall for roads to be bad for more than a day. The buses have snow tires, and the people who drive them are used to snow.  But if you get the same amount of snow, it seems as if your towns ought to be just as well prepared for it.  I wonder if the difference is the terrain.  There are mountains here, but the towns are mostly in the valleys and there aren't many steep mountain roads.  Or I wonder if the temperature makes a difference.  It must be warmer there, so I wonder if you have more ice.  That's worse to drive on than snow.  When the schools are closed down there, how bad are the roads?  Do you find you can get out and drive around as usual, even though the schools are closed?

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We're in Springfield, toward the southeast corner of the state.

I had to look it up- we average 98".


We got about 14" this week, I heard... it's so windy on my street, we had bare ground in some places, and 3' in others :)

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I lived in the south for most of my life before moving to NH. I was from rural VA and we recieved some winters a lot of snow and it completely shut down schools for a few days. Then I moved to NC and it was crazy - like the smallest snowfalls would cancel schools for a week! All roads had to be basically free of ALL snow before school started agin. After moving to NH, I am amazed that snow removal is an art. There are 107 plows in my city. They run all through the storm and after to clean up and schools are always in session. We have had one snow day thus far and about 40 inches of snow.

The one thing I do notice is that schools in the south close when the roads still have a little of snow on the roads. Here, roads still have a little of snow and school goes on. When we lived in NC, the driving was ridiculous for a small amount of snowfall. We alwasy said we were more scared of the other drivers than the snow. No offense to the south, but they need to learn: Drive slow, dont brake suddenly and for goodness sake, dont stop on a hill...keep going slowly and safely.


So how would I solve the southern snow crisis: More snow plows. Sand. PSAs on how to drive safe in snow.

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Places that are used to getting lots of snow handle it better. I live in coastal Maine and we get some pretty nasty weather sometimes in the winter. We've had 4 snow days so far, but one was not even snow--it was a power outage in a rainstorm. And one was totally bogus and could have easily been a 1 hour delay. When I was a kid in NW PA, we got about 92 inches of snow a year, but we rarely closed school. When I moved to the Boston area I was shocked at how quick they were to cancel school, and we'd still have fewer than 5 snow days a year. Here, everyone gets good snow tires and learns pretty young how to drive on snowy roads.

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