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thoughts on WW Points Plus

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I have heard mixed things on the new WW program.. I am very excited to re-join but I wondered what the general consensus is on points plus.  Any feedback would be great!!!

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I actually just rejoined.  I did WW in college and I really liked it.  The difference between the old program and the new is:


- the old program used calories, fat, and fiber to calculate points. The new program uses fat, carbs, protein, and fiber.

- all fruits and non starchy veggies are 0 points.

- you get more points per day (yay!) and 49 extra points to either use over the course of the week or to save for a dinner out or a party.

- They are much more focused on choosing HEALTHY food ( what they call "power foods)  vs. any food that fits within your points.


I really like the new program :) 


The online tools are really neat and there is a free iphone app for calculating and tracking points when you are out. 

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I went last night, I think I am going to like it too but I have GOT to get out of that mindset of certain foods being  certain points.  I usually have a cup of coffee each day mixed with a packet of hot chocolate and a splash of soy milk..  OOPS- it is now 4 pts. 


So, time to change my ways I think.. I had read some negative things on some website yesterday about the program but a guy in my meeting lost 13 lbs his first week back and a woman lost 6.  I am definitely going to try it- I had the most luck when it was 1-2-3 success but that was right when i started and I was super motivated.  I am glad it is a new program now, a new year, and a new start for me!

 (UGH, I sound like a WW commercial).

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I just restarted (quit while I was pregnant) and I think I like it.  It's hard looking at my total and realizing I ate 45 points and that's ok.  On the old plan my daily target was 32 so I still freak out when it's more than 32.  Then I realize it's a new plan.  I love the free fruit though!

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I posted on the WW thread on here the other day... I love it.  It works really well for the way I eat: extremely healthy, veggie and lean protein dense foods... what I need help with is the homebrews, texmex and pizza. Basically I can eat a boat of the good stuff, but its easy to see the junk add up quickly. (Don't tell my DH I called the homebrews junk.)


I have done WW before and I strongly prefer the new program.  For whatever reason, I was always hungry before, but not this time.  Its nice that you can always eat a banana.


I totally know what you mean about your morning drink... Mine was 5 pts, but I am now back to drinking coffee and skim, .5 pt.

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I've done WW on & off for almost 13 years now.  I've reached goal & for some reason I end up back to my old ways & therefore I've never kept the weight off for any significant amount of time.  I think that this new program is better I feel like I'm going to become lifetime on this program & never look back.  It is just so doable & it follows more of what I believe as far as healthy goes.  For instance the recipes contain real butter & sugar now, instead of substitutes!  I want to lose about 25 lbs and I've already lost 6.5 in 3 weeks!  YAY!

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Cookie Pie-

Good for you and I totally agree... it was a total turn off to get recipes with FF Cool Whip.


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