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Silly quirks your pets have

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Do your pets have any silly quirks?


We have one cat, Artemis, he's around 8 months old.  He has two litter boxes.  He has designated a "pee" litter box and a "poop" litter box.  He'll actually go in one litter box, do his business, and run across the house to the other one to finish  lol.gif He's a silly little thing.


Oh, um, he also licks the walls headscratch.gif


What strange things do your pets do?

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Our dog will only poop if she's on a slight incline, facing uphill.  I guess the thought of her poop possibly touching her paws freaks her out.  biggrinbounce.gif


Also, she will not poop for my husband.  she will hold it forever if he's the only one home to walk her, even if you can see (sorry to be graphic) the little turtle wanting to pop out.  she will hold it until i get home and then wig out and *run* to her favorite spot and poop instantly if i am there.



she's a rescue, so she actually has a few hundred quirks, but those are the funniest.

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Our almost 1 year old Weim, Asia, has an obsession with ice.  When we had a cold snap a month or so ago, she'd drag around huge chunks of ice whenever she was outside.  In the house, she knows the sounds I make when I'm going to get some ice water and runs in to sit in front of the fridge. 


She's very touchy feely.  If you pet her, she has to pet you back.  And she gives hugs when we first get home.  There are tons and tons more, but I'll stop there. :)

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One of our cats, Tater, loves to lick plastic. He also loves to chew on wood or baskets. Or plastic. If I am petting one of the dogs, Tater will run over and push his way in front (or on top of) whoever I am petting.


Maddie, one of the dogs, is scared of anything new. If you wear a hat, she freaks out. If someone new comes over, she freaks out. If you vacuum, she is fine and doesn't blink an eye! lol She is the first dog we've ever had that did not respond to the vacuum.


Our other dog, Boomer, is an expert fly catcher. She will go absolutely still except for her eyes, which follow the offending bug around the room. Once it's within her reach, she leaps into the air, snaps her jaws and swallows.

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Oscar does a chicken's foot dance! When I give him one, he takes it in his mouth then puts it down and dances around it for a bit before he eats it. He loves, loves, loves chicken's feet!

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I have a paper eating cat. He also ate a sweater once.  He enjoys shoes, dragging them around like a mini lion.


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When left alone, my dog will go and get one of my boots, or my hat, or one of my mittens (just mine - no one else's), and bring it to where he is laying down. 


He doesn't do anything to them. I'm not sure why he does it, but I suspect it's to have my smell near him. smile.gif

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My black lab/golden retriever will not poop if anyone is watching. It has been months since I've seen him poop. Good thing he has a sister that we can test for buggies. She'll poop anywhere smile.gif. Same pup loves the stuffed animals from Kohl's. When he was a puppy he stole a stuffed cow from my next door neighbor's garage sale. Ever since then he carries stuffed animals around with him almost everywhere. I've brought him to the feed store and pet stores to see if he would like one made for dogs but nope. He doesn't shred them or anything he just LOVES them....
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My cat LOVES when I mop the floor. She skitters really fast and slides on it. She is hilarious. Her eyes get all big, and her coat gets puffy; then she will hide, dash across the floor and slide around a corner! Then Dash back and slide across the floor! SKITTER SKITTER SKITTER and HIDE!


She also has an obsession with bed-making. She likes to be under the blanket as I floof it up and sail it down. Or she will pounces on the top when it floofs down and has an air bubble.


If its bedtime, she will dash under the covers and jump out to scare dd before she climbs in, or she will scamper around under the blankets and try to attack the dogs when they come to investigate. That is a game they all love to play.


She also will crap in DDs bed if she is angry with either of this. This is one quirk I HATE!



The dogs are just funny all over.

Dorky is much like Alyvantids weim. Very social, very good with her paws. She can open doors by turning the knob. She is always rubbing on my legs like a cat does and giving me static cling.


My horse (that I have had for 17 years) likes to sniff me. She almost seems to be meditating when she does it. Her eyelids half-close and she looks all dreamy, as she sniffs away. I love how she smells too. I would know her anywhere even without my sight because her smell is unique to me. I think this is because she was my first horse and I was young when I got her. The smell of her is forever imprinted with happiness in my brain.


DD's pony loves to have her belly scratched.

She is utterly adorable with her lips wiggling away in the air and swaying back and forth when we scratch.

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Besides bringing the hose inside?  LOL.


You know how cats get nighttime crazies and run back and forth in the house for no apparent reason?  My dog does this.  Insane.

He also falls off the couch then acts like he totally meant to do that.

He has to have a toy in his mouth to go up or down stairs.  HAS TO.  Will search frantically if one is not right there.

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