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Reviews of Dawn Rogue midwife in Naples

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Does anyone have any reviews of Dawn Rogue in the Naples area as a midwife? I live in ft. Myers and she is the only one that I found that does homebirths. 

Thank you,


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I don't know here, but did want to tell you that cathy mathews does Ft myers homebirths, he actually lives very close to me and I have a number of friends who've seen here, and all really like her. She is in Sarasota, but travels.

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Sorry for bumping this up but I figured it may be helpful for those seeking info. I called Cathy Matthews yesterday and inquired about her for a Naples delivery and she said she travels down to Lee and Collier only "very rarely" and referred me to Dawn Rogula.

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Still no reviews for her ? She is the only one doing homebirths in the area

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I'd also love to know if anyone has used Dawn. So... bump!

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Sending you a pm :)

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Dawn was my home birth midwife for my fourth baby in 2009.  She drove an hour to my home from Naples and was punctual for each prenatal.  She came to my home at 2am when I decided it was time.  My family and I were happy with our care.


Give her a call for an interview and decide if you are comfortable with her responses to your concerns.

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We have used both Cathy Matthews and Dawn Rogula. Each has a very different style of care, but we have been very happy with both.

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I used Dawn for my Daughter's birth (# 3)... She was not very hands on (except when needed), as it should be.  She came to my house for every prenatal appointment, and was extremely kind and gentle.  Was there more for questions and answers than to poke and prod.  

As a future midwife currently preparing for studies (Doula trained, and seeking pre req's for school) I must say that Dawn was exactly what every mother should have available as an option for the birth they deserve.  


I shopped around to many midwives when we were planning our home birth.  The one in Sarasota wouldn't travel, so I never even got to meet her.  Baby Love's midwife is not an LM, CPM  and she stopped doing home births, and after many personal reviews not in her favor I decided against that.  I interviewed Naples Birth Center, but it wasn't a cozy homey feeling, it was more of a medical sterile look, that is NOT what I was shooting for, and they were ALL business, I didn't feel compassionately welcome.  


Dawn is a no nonsense, mother of two, down to earth, one of the girls type, that she makes it so you can talk to her about any concerns without a problem.  I have even called her about advice for friends or things about me long after our pregnancy/delivery business was over. 


Here's the story.  My daughter is the biggest baby she has delivered to date, weighing in at 11 lbs on the nose.  22 inches in length. She had shoulder dystocia and Dawn without hesitation flipped me over and quickly but gently reached up and dislodged the baby's shoulder without any pain to me or the baby.   Prior to birth she would come to home visits and would review urine test strip take weight, blood pressure, and doppler (which I have since learned can be harmful to the baby, but that is another story for another day), measure my belly, and talk about anything important.  She never did any type of internal exam (but will if asked and if a concern), but basically after all my research interventions are bad and they start with doppler to hear heartbeat (which few understand this or recognize this) and continue through ultrasound, internal exams, stripping membranes, Electronic Fetal Monitoring, and you all know the risks DURING labor such as induction and pain meds.... Well she understands all those risks and advises against them (she does use doppler). Thus lowering her C-section rate TREMENDOUSLY.


My daughter would have been a c-section at ANY doctor's office in the state cause of her size and her slightly tansverse  positioning (she was tilted slightly sideways to the right preventing her from naturally transitioning into the birth canal for delivery.  However when it was time she released with my help and came through beautifully and Dawn had no concerns about it.  My baby girl is almost 4 and has NEVER been ill with more than a seasonal allergy.  She had NO interventions and I have Dawn to thank for that.  


So if you are planning a homebirth I highly recommend Dawn, seeing as how I am proof that "urgent" situations don't have to be urgent at all with a little patience, compassion, and knowledge which is what I got from her.  You must do your own homework and meet with as many birth professionals as you can to find the perfect fit for you, but Dawn should be a high candidate on anyone's list wishing to birth at home NATURALLY!

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The most important thing is that you find the practitioner that works for you. Dawn Rogula is very "hands off" which some women want. Others want someone more involved in their care. Someone who will actually address their issues and not see them for just a chat session. Don't get me wrong, "hands off" isn't a bad thing, but there is a balance.

Call my birth center "sterile and all business" if you wish. Most people feel as though our center is clean and well put together. All birth centers have a business side. We couldn't operate if we didn't. So sorry we had to look into your insurance or give you self-pay information.
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LOL.  Sounds like it might have been a personality conflict. 

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I ended up using Dawn, and had a wonderful experience with her. She absolutely addressed all of my issues and it wasn't just "chat." She was as hands on as I wanted and as hands off as I wanted, all at once. I'm really happy with her care.

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I just had a homebirth with Dawn 3 days ago. joy.gif  This was my 4th baby, but 1st homebirth.  I was very happy with her care.  She was always very easy to reach by phone when I needed her.  She came to my house for all  appts. and was always super punctual!   I am always late for everything, so punctual people impress me!


She was basically as hands off or hands on as I wanted her to be.  She was more than willing to do or not do whatever tests or interventions I wanted or didn't want.  She addressed all my concerns.  I tend to be a pretty anxious person, so her calm attitude was helpful for me.  The birth went great.  It was my best birth by far and she was very gentle and kind during it.  I had a super fast, easy, uncomplicated homebirth and everything was great.


If I were to have another baby in the area, I would use her again.


I also looked into the birthing center but ultimately decided against it due to the fact that it would have cost more and I really didn't see the point.   For me, the big bonus about homebirth was not having to travel in the middle of labor, and I really think being home helped my labor to progress much faster and smoother than my previous ones did.

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I know that this is an old post, but is there a way I can somehow get the number for both of these midwife's?  I live in the Fort Myers, FL area.  Thanks!!!

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A Google search for Dawn Rogula brings up Phone: 239-601-4002.


I love this homebirth montage that Dawn attended - http://vimeo.com/28503018


Cathy Matthews' number is coming up as P: (941) 351-2102

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Dawn Meier can be reached at the Family Birth Center of Naples.  239-594-0400

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Thank you!

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