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Favorite mama cloth? Especially for postpartum?

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I have made some pads for myself before but never liked them a whole lot. I want to use cloth pads for my postpartum flow and would like recommendations. What pads do you like the best? And how many will I need? After DS I bled so much and was having severe pain plus a rash. I tore up some flannel receiving blankets and started using them and my pain went away, my rash disappeared and my bleeding soon ended as well! Using cloth this time is very important to me!

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I've been building my postpartum stash and so far have a few sets from GEM Cloth, which I'm really liking and it's quite affordable.  I think I'm up to 8 PP pads, 4 heavy, 4 regular, and a bunch of light pads (which I'm using even now for that lovely pregnancy discharge).  I chose the darker colour velours for my pads to minimize staining because I figure I won't be up for high maintenance stuff postpartum.  Here's her website:


Oh, she also has another page that has the same stuff plus some "grab bags" for cheaper if you're not picky about colour or style:



I also got a couple of PP pads from Tree Hugger, which are nice but definitely more expensive and a bit more bulky.  They are minky though which doesn't stain so I wanted to try them in my stash.  Website: http://hyenacart.com/TreeHugger/


So keep in mind that I haven't actually used these yet, but so far I feel pretty good about my setup.  I'm not sure if I have enough of the PP-sized ones (currently at 10) but it's a bit of a tradeoff between buying lots of pads to have enough and not spending too much on pads that I may not use after.  I figure worst case scenario I can always get a small package of disposable Poise pads or whatever to fill in the gaps.  I have also heard of mamas using preemie or infant prefolds for PP flow, which would definitely be an inexpensive alternative.

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I also used GEM cloth for my six weeks postpartum. I LOVE THEM!!! I also have a couple Luna Pads which were a complete waste of money...they were WAY too expensive....the lady who makes the GEM cloth is quite reasonably priced and had a very quick turn around. I'd like to buy more from her when I am done EBF my daughter.

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Thank you. I will add them to my list. I'm going to order 1 pad from Talulah Bean, MotherMoonPads, and GEM Cloth, and see how I like the crafts[wo]manship and materials before I order a full stash. I definitely like her prices, they are awesome!

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oooh, I think I might order one of the GEM post partum grab bags.  I loath regular pads, but I think I would be a lot more comfortable with a cloth alternative.  I use a diva cup normally, and part of the reason I've held back from ordering any mama cloth has been the expense.  These seem really reasonable compared to most everything else I've looked at.  

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Mostly I just used prefolds when my flow was still that heavy.  I was washing them for the baby anyway, so it made it super easy.  I also love Lunapanties, but if you can find your own cotton fleece then you can easily cut it up into large squares and fold it instead of using their liners.  The fleece doesn't fray so no sewing is necessary.

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I like GladRags pads.  They are comfortable, very absorbent, and don't leak very often (at least, from what my experience is).  I especially like their organic day and night pads (I don't care for their pantiliners, due to their size). 


Lately, though, I have been interested in making my own pads out of old bath towels and flannel.  Anyone know of a good pattern for this?



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I have to use organic cotton or hemp, can't use any synthetic fibers. I don't know if it's because the detergent doesn't get all rinsed from the synthetic or if it's the fiber itself. I like that the fleece topped ones don't stain, but not worth the irritation. I use gladrags and some hemp ones I've gotton from different wahms.

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