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What is the best Waldorf-friendly wooden play kitchen out there?

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We got an unexpected $ gift for Christmas that is going to make it possible to splurge on a really fantastic play kitchen for our daughter. (Which is perfect timing because she's so ready for it in her play!)  What is the best wooden play kitchen out there?....I vaguely recall some discussion about how the best ones are made in Germany but aren't really available.  True?  If so, what are the good ones among what is truly available.


Any links and real life recommendations/experiences are very welcome.  We probably want to spend up to $300, but could spend $500 for something really, really, really special.


Thanks in advance,


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That's awesome that you got such an awesome gift!  Here are a few of the ones I like:






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Lucky you. I think the Camden Rose cherry kitchen and refrigerator are pretty.

I believe Holkram sells some through German ebay. There are links on the Waldor Steals thread.




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We have the Camden Rose kitchen and fridge and absolutely love them.  Much more than $300 for the set, tho.  The kitchen by itself is $350: http://www.palumba.com/product/a_simple_hearth/31/?catID=68  It is seriously gorgeous.  I did see the Kulu kitchen on the last thread and I would snap that one up in a heartbeat!!!!


I think this one is hilarious!: http://www.blueberryforest.com/kitchen_grocery_play/wooden-squirrel-themed-play-kitchen.htm


BUT, since we are talking about Waldorf here, I thought I would toss in what is probably closer to all you really "need" for a play kitchen: http://rhythmofthehome.com/archives/summer-2010/mud-pie-kitchen/  http://pepperpaints.com/2010/07/07/our-mud-pie-kitchen/  We did a small portable dried bean kitchen in the front yard using an old wooden milk crate, a tiny metal pitcher, and a packet of dried beans.

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I'm not sure what is meant by "best".  My take is that "best" would be that which most promotes imaginative play.  I'd think then that anything with an area for a sink (where the daily task of washing dishes could be imitated) and an opening for a stove and stove top would do the trick.  As for construction, I'd be looking for solid wood as opposed to pressed.  Lastly, I'd consider whether you want something finished (non-toxic, of course) so as to minimize the upkeep. You can involve your kids in keeping it polished with beeswax, but that task has just not fit into my schedule and the kitchen is 3 years old, now!  Ours is made in the USA, but, I can't remember by who ATM.


ETA, I believe I bought ours from Willow Toys in Maine. This is it.  Without a doubt, though, I've seen some that are absolutely gorgeous in comparison!

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 We love the one we got from Nova. It's made in Maine by a company called Elves and Angels. It's solid wood and finished in linseed oil. Blueberry Forest sells them too, as do a few other places I've seen online.

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We love our's from Elves and Angels. We've had it 7 years.  

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We have the camden rose one. It's beautiful. We have an elves and angles dollhouse and it's not, IMO, made very well. The e&a one is pine so it gets knicked very easily and it has an oily finish rather than the nice beeswax finish of the camden rose one. The cr one also comes almost assembled. 

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We have a handmade german kitchen by a company called Norbert which you could try googling:

here is a pic it it, it is very well made and had held up to 3 years of hard play so far!




Good luck in your search!

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Originally Posted by ecoteat View Post

 We love the one we got from Nova. It's made in Maine by a company called Elves and Angels. It's solid wood and finished in linseed oil. Blueberry Forest sells them too, as do a few other places I've seen online.

We have Christina's Kitchen & Jacob's Ice Box from Elves & Angels.  And this Christmas, we added a hutch from Etsy's Willow Toys.  

We love them.


Play kitchens are a funny thing...kids love them, no matter which one it is.  When kids come over here, they go nuts with ours.  When DD1 is in front of another play kitchen, she dives right in too. Sometimes I think they also like anything that is different from what they have at home too.  


But I think no matter which one it is, it will provide hours (and years) of imaginative, creative play.  I have even seen plastic ones (blasphemy!!!) that I honestly thought looked pretty darn fun.  

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I didn't have the room for both a playstand as well as a full-size freestanding kitchen (such as the ones by Elves & Angels). So I spent more for a really nice playstand & got this beautiful, handmade tabletop kitchen from Etsy. I like this one because it has a [small] oven space, whereas most of the other tabletop kitchens I've seen don't have this feature. The Little Kitchen also has a handle, so it can be moved easily.

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 Wow...thanks everyone!  These are some amazing ideas.  Love them!  I'm definitely leaning toward the Camden Rose.  It seems worth the investment.  Let's hope we have lots more babies who can enjoy it! 

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I agree with others that say you just can't go wrong with a toy kitchen.  All kids love them, regardless of how they look or any special features.


I have two boys, 2 and nearly 4, who love the camden rose kitchen.  I fell in love with the beauty and functionality of it, which was important to me because I knew I wanted it in my kitchen so that the boys could cook right along side me when they weren't literally cooking right alongside me.  :p 

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We had the Elves and Angels one but found it not so durable. We sanded and oiled it and gave it to a local waldorf preschool.


Then we bought a Camden Rose one. They are absolutely beautiful, very durable and made of cherry (horse-logged no less!) so it is a more durable wood.

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We splurged at Christmas and got our DS the one on Etsy from Heartwood Natural Toys, linked to in PP.  (It was all he got from us besides a few books.) Its beautiful, seems very durable and DS and his cousins have been playing with it constantly.  I can't wait to get the matching fridge! 

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The camden rose kitchen is by far the best IMO:)  We have the fridge too.   

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willow toys is our favorite! A good price and free shipping, too:)
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Here's my update:  I poured over all these comments (Thank you, all!) and decided to really splurge and get the Camden Rose kitchen.  I just know this play kitchen will be the centerpiece of her play for several years, and I needed to feel really really good about having this in our space.  It arrived and (other than as one person commented being smaller than I expected) it is georgous and we are very pleased.  I'll say this, however, I'm sure the other options are just as much "fun" and inspiring for imaginative play.  For me, it was all about the aesthetic.  This one is simply lovely, just beautiful.  And you know, I don't mean to downplay that -- beauty is no small thing at all, no small thing at all.


Thanks everyone -- Babygirlsmama 

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