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Jameson Vaughn has arrived!

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1/12/11 at 8:30am... he weighed only 7-8 and is 19.5 inches (my lightest, shortest baby yet!) However... he had the BIGGEST  head at 14.25 inches. Not too bad (considering the other 3 were all 14 inches) but this little sucker chose to be OP. Ouch.


I knew he was malpostioned for the last several weeks. He would switch from ROA to OP. On rare occasions, I could get him to be LOA, but he'd never stay that way. It made no sense since I knew my placenta was on my right side. They make friends with the placenta - why wouldn't he face it?? On Tuesday night after dh and I had tried to "evict" him, I had some good cx that petered out. I went out to the living room and hung out butt up, reading a book, trying to get him to turn into a better position to increase my cx. By 2am I gave up and went to bed.


It started at 430 am when I woke up dreaming that I was having contractions only to realize I really was. After the 3rd one being only 4 min apart and of a heightened intensity, I woke up dh. Then went out to the living room and sat on the ball and called my friend RB who I wanted there for my 2yo. However, she's also a doula and since this labor came on like a train wreck, I wanted her there to talk me off a ledge. She called our other friend MS who is a professional photographer and was coming to shoot my birth. Then I texted my mw to tell her I'd be needing her soon. At that point it was about 5am. My mw said she was sitting at a slow-moving birth that was 30 min away and maybe she should just come then instead of chancing me needing her just as rush hour traffic was getting underway. We agreed that'd be a good idea. RB arrived a little bit later which was helpful while dh was running around setting up the pool, prepping the bed and other stuff, she kept me sane and focused. :)  By the time my mw arrived I was 7-8 cm and cx were around 3 min apart and close to a minute long. They didn't suck too bad... I wasn't making noise through them yet. My photog friend lives over an hour away and I was glad that my labor hadn't gotten too bad bc it gave me hope that she would make it in time. She arrived a little after 6 and I sorta cheered (as much as one can in that state!).


Shortly thereafter, the work began. The cx would get seemingly impossible and I would pray for a little break and actually get one where the cx would space a little farther out for a bit or else I'd have 2-3 that were "easier" between the harder ones. I kinda felt like I didn't really know what to do.  I changed positions as I felt like it, but it didn't seem like things were moving as fast as they usually do for me (last birth was 2 hours from Ouch to Oh He's Cute! and the one before that was 4hours). My mw is awesome and happy to sit around on her hands! :)  About 10 till 7 my 2yo woke up, which is when he usually does - and climbs in bed with us for a snuggle. Not gonna happen... RB was our original plan for him, because he knows and trusts her, but I had decided I really needed her too. So dh called his parents to come get ds and set him up out on the couch with Clifford and a cup of juice. :) Just before my ils arrived it started getting really intense. I heard them arrive and was hoping they'd be speedy in their departure (they were). Once I knew ds was gone it really kicked into gear. I was really stumped because it seemed like I should be pushing already but I didn't have the urge at all. My mw told me to see where the baby was... I reached in and felt his head. I said that he had lots of hair and we had a discussion about the fact that my water hadn't broken so how did I know... I said it was squishy. Woops. Should have been our first clue.


Soon after I started pushing (around 8:10). I realized at some point that my 2 big kids had woken up (they're 8 & 6) and were in the room, but I know I didn't open my eyes for like the last hour or more. Now I am usually a 3-4 pushes and done, shoot the kid out kinda lady. This kid would. not. move. down. I was so frustrated and shaking and changing positions and mad. The longer it took to move him, the more I *didn't* want to do it, lol! Dh got in the tub with me and instead of squatting "regularly" I was kinda leaning back in a "crab sit". It was soooo intense and really hurt. I wanted to quit but knew if I just got it over with it'd be, well, over with! Another 2-3 pushes and I heard my midwife say "Well there you have it, he's OP" No wonder it was so hard for me to get him out!


We rested a bit with the head out and the older kids marveling (although I still couldn't see over my belly to see his face with my crab position). One more push and he popped out SUPER duper tangled in his cord. It was over a shoulder, around his body and tight around his neck. We knew it was around his neck when we checked, but it was too tight to loop over before his body came. So that explains his malpositioning. He literally couldn't turn - he was too tangled! :)  We scrambled to untangle him and pull him up out of the water. 


My midwife grabbed some oxygen for him because he was a little floopy from being tied up. Within a minute or two he pinked up and "arrived". 6yo dd cut the cord when it stopped pulsing and I got out of the tub to do the placenta on the bed. I was *throbbing* in pain. I took advil before I even birthed the placenta! I had barely a nick and it didn't require a repair. Yeehaw!  


He latched on within a few minutes and is probably my least-problemed nurser so far. We called my il's to bring the newest big brother back (and bring Dunkin Donuts too!). He is totally in love with "mine baby bruver" as are the big kids. Let the "hold the baby" battles begin! Now to heal my swollen, bruised rear end...

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Congratulations!  Thanks for sharing your story.  It sounds like it was quite an intense birth this time! 


Enjoy baby #4, mama!

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Congratulations, mama!  That does sound like an intense labor and delivery -- hope you've been able to get some rest!

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wow, congrats!  I love that your daughter cut the cord!

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