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Jude was born 12-30!

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I'm late posting here....  Jude Asher was born 12-30-10 @ 5:47am  weighing 6lbs 4oz.


This was by far my roughest labor (i was shocked being it was baby #8) being the longest at 25 hours. Jude was in the ROP and my uterus stopped contracting regularly when I got to 7cm I was only contracting every 5-12 min, and kept slowing down,so I ended up with pit. But i was still able to go with out pain meds. :)        Jude was also born with only 1 kidney so we will have to follow up  with that. We are just glad to have him here...


Im so thankful for all your kindness and wisdom over the past 9 months! Im sure I'll have a ton more questions as this is the first intact boy I've had, so look for more post to come :)

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Congratulations, mama!  I admire you for going drug free with pitocin.  I've heard that makes labor extra painful, so I'm sure it was challenging!  I don't know the effects of being born with one kidney, but I hope Jude is as healthy as can be considering.  Enjoy your babymoon!

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Congratulations on your new arrival!  Color me totally impressed that you went med-free even with pitocin!


I hope the kidney issue doesn't cause any real problems.

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Congratulations!! I went drug free with pit with my 2nd and it's not easy, way to go! Enjoy your little one.

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congrats!  love the name Jude!

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