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SC immunization waiver

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We just moved into SC from GA and the school wont accept my childrens GA immunization waiver (religious beliefs not medical waiver). How do I go about attaining one in SC? The nurse was being rude and condescending and told me I had to go to the health dept, however I did not have to do that in GA.

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just go to the health department and ask for the form-depending on what county you are in determines their policies regarding appointments. I looked up the form on the website first so I could just ask for it by its form number. So, they took about 30 seconds to get it and I filled it out...hold on-form 1126. There are no questions about what your religious beliefs are. Simple child's name, name of school, address,your name and number. Sign it and have it notarized. You keep the original-it's green.

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In my county, you get the same green form, but you have to (or at least I had to) make an appointment with a Public Health nurse so you can be condescended to in person as well as one the phone. orngtongue.gif You do not need to bring your kids, and you can get forms for multiple kids in one interview. 

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Thanks for the info. Ours ended up being pretty painless. They didnt even know what the form was by number and we got the last two copies they had. Other than that it was quick and easy.

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