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Do we have a chat thread this week? I could sure use one!

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I've had a really stressful couple of weeks, my DS (17 months) was really sick and ended up being hospitalized for Kawasaki disease.  I had never even heard of it before the diagnosis.  Additionally, all week, I knew he was really sick and the doctors kept saying "it's a flu."  It was frustrating and scary.  My poor baby.  Eventually they sent us to a pediatric infectious disease specialist who diagnosed and treated him --- he's home from the hospital and doing much better! 


If anyone has ever had a child with this did they need to have any thing done to their heart?  I am so worried about that.  Also, did the aspirin dosage cause you some worry?  Did your other children get the Kawasakis?  I know that they said it's not contagious, but I am so worried that my new little one will have to go through this too.  It was so heartbreaking to stay with my DS in the hospital and see all the needles and IVs going into him.  bawling.gif


I know it's rare, but if anyone has any really positive stories, I'd love to hear them.

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Oh my Gosh! I am so sorry for your family! I've heard of that but have no idea what it entails... I can't imagine how hard it was for you to watch your babe in the hospital and suffering but so glad to hear he's doing better and home safe and sound with mama and daddy. Thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

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Glad your little one is doing better.  I will have to look up Kawasaki's.  Being in the hospital is no fun.  When my oldest was 4 he was hospitalized with pneumonia.  No fun.  


I am actually glad to see a chat thread.  Normally I follow but rarely do I have anything to add.  This week, I have been in the same room with two other women due within a few days of myself and I became extremely self-conscious afterwards.  I know that I shouldn't be but dang....Both aren't showing at all yet and I am looking extremely pregnant.  Now I am not looking as pregnant as I did with my third, I don't think;)  but one can tell that I have a baby in there.  Neither one of these women could you tell was pregnant and it made me really question my lack of testing.  I know, I know.  These things really are unrelated but in my pregnancy addled brain they are!  


I have a very strong feeling that there is only one baby that I carry.  So strong that I won't get the u/s, as I don't see the necessity, but after being around both women, man it makes me question myself and my 'feeling'.  If they both have one (yes confirmed only one) and I am THIS much bigger there has to be two right? EEEk.  Ok freak out done!

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Oh Kristen, what an ordeal!  I am glad your little guy is home and feeling better.  I have no first hand experience, but remember from school that the high dose of aspirin is normal - they do that to try and prevent the heart problems.  The other thing I remember is that if it is 'caught' within 10 days or so, the likelihood of a heart complication is very slim.  You guys will be in my thoughts!!


I am also feeling very self-conscious this time around.  I had a little extra weight on me from the start and just generally feel more like I am 30 weeks pregnant instead of 17.  Everything is happening so early - all the aches and pains, the back fat, the big belly... sigh... I just need a couple of years off from pregnancy!


Does anyone have a fun weekend planned?  I have nothing at all tomorrow and a homebirth meetup on Sunday.  I think I might try to schedule a massage sometime!  I have a giftcard that I think needs to be used!

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aleatha5 - I've never heard of this but am relieved to hear your LO is on the mend. Posting in another, less specific MDC forum might grab you mamas who've been through something similar, some first hand advive and commiseration. 


Max'sMama - Check out the belly thread! We're all SO DIFFERENT. I think I'm one of the larger bellied mamas and absolutely have only one baby in residence. It's just how I grow them. 


tracymom1 - The back fat! Why does there have to be back fat? It's my least favourite part. Enjoy your massage! 

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lol I'm fat all over anyway (in the obese category before pregnancy) so I get the "is she pregnant or just really fat?" looks with people being afraid to ask me lest I tell them with a straight face that I'm not pregnant haha.

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 you think you're big? my best friend from highschool is due 2 days before me and barely has a bump. I on the the other hand have a huge belly. like me at 30 weeks with my first. She keeps posting videos and pictures of her still working out, squatting huge weight, doing crossfit etc... and here is me, cleaning up poop/vomit and barely making it outside to take out the trash. I have got to start at least getting up and dressed..aka hair and makeup before I have a meltdown! I started watching a 5 month old a couple months ago and haven't been able to leave the house m-f 7-5 in forever!!! It's maddening! Sometimes I think that if I could just take DD to Target I would feel better... But I wanted to make some extra $$ so... I will sit inside..in my pjs... for another 7 weeks. Can't wait until it's at least warm enough to take a walk. These baby love handles aren't cute anymore.

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Here's a study on aspirin in Kawasaki's disease, for what it's worth. 



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I am going to my first ever ultrasound appointment in two hours.  I am excited and nervous and hoping that we are making the best decision.  I really just hope to see a healthy baby.  My DH and I are still debating whether to find out the gender or not! 


I'll be 20 weeks on Sunday.  I can't believe that we are half way already!




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aleatha - I'm so sorry about your little guy! That must have been terrifying for you to have him so sick and be hospitalized. Having a child in the hospital, at any age and for any reason, is downright scary. I have no experience with Kawasaki so I can't offer you any help there. I hope that he's recovering well.


Max'sMama - I'm 18w2d and I don't look pregnant at all. I just look like my normal chubby self. I've actually lost 26 lbs, and gained 1 back in the last 2 weeks, but still no baby bump. One of my fellow nursing school students didn't believe me when I told her that I was 18w pregnant today! She kept looking at my belly and saying, "There is NO WAY that you are pregnant!!" I would like to have at least a little belly at this point. But, knowing my body I won't start looking pregnant until about 24-26 weeks.


Josie - you'll have to update us on the sono and let us know what you found out!



As for me... the first week of a new semester is always stressful with the new classes, new schedule, new instructors, new expectations, and of course the new homework. Added to that, I had a child support hearing yesterday that was absolutely brutal. Not only was I sitting in a court waiting room from 8 am until 2 pm, I was informed that my ex-husband won't have to pay child support for our children. EVER AGAIN. And the $55k in back child support is pretty much a lost cause too. He's on disability and the kids each get a small amount from Social Security every month, which essentially replaces child support. And, all the money they've ever been paid will be subtracted from the total amount of back support due and he'll have to pay only that amount plus interest. Except, they can't garnish from SSDI so he'll have to pay it of his own volition. Yeah, that will never happen.


And then I found out that baby daddy of the belly bunny hasn't paid our cell phone bill for 2 months. So, not only is the phone that I need for school not working when I absolutely need it, the phone bill is $600!! That I will have to pay out of my pocket with my student loan money.


At this moment in time, I pretty much hate men. I hate irresponsible people. I hate liars. I hate people that talk a great game but can't back anything up with actions. I want to do nothing more than crawl in my bed and stay there indefinitely. However, because I have children and school and pets and responsibilities that I cannot walk away from, I won't do that. I will keep doing what I'm doing while other people in my life do nothing of what they're supposed to be doing.

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Jenni - I think you are absolutely amazing. Keep doing what you do, lady. I know it's hard and I am astounded at how disgustingly vile some people can be especially in regard to their own children. I live that life too. Be proud to be who you are and the extraordinary example you set for your LOs. I mean it with all my heart. 


Josie - I have butterflies on your behalf! Update us! I'm psyched to be nearly half way. 

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Wow Jenni, that is just so much to deal with.  I am so sorry you have to go through all this.  Thank goodness you are on the right path with nursing school and your future plans so that you can show your kids what a strong, independent and loving mama can accomplish!  You will have a very rewarding career and be able to take excellent care of your family - amazing!  And, as for men, just take a deep breath and give it some time and space.  It is totally okay to feel what you need to feel.  


So, Josie, how was the ultrasound??!!


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Kristin, hugs. I'm sorry you and your little guy have been going through this rough time. I hope all goes smoothly from here on out...

Jenni, you are strong! That's a lot to deal with, and such a drag when those around us aren't doing what they are supposed to. Hugs.

Someone mentioned aches and pains...

Anyone know what tendon(?) sits right above the hips? I am so sore there, it's crazy. Is something stretching, or what? It only hurts when I move. Ha. Lol. I don't recall this at all from pregnancies before. Geez.

Oh! I'm 20 weeks this weekend! Yay!!!
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Originally Posted by BHappy View Post

Someone mentioned aches and pains...

Anyone know what tendon(?) sits right above the hips? I am so sore there, it's crazy. Is something stretching, or what? It only hurts when I move. Ha. Lol. I don't recall this at all from pregnancies before. Geez.

Oh! I'm 20 weeks this weekend! Yay!!!


The inguinal ligament is right in that area. It runs from the top front of your iliac crest (the part of your "hip bone" that sticks out in the front) down to the outside part of the pubic bone. It's part of your external oblique musculature and it's that white thing in the picture down there.


inguinal ligament.jpg

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Originally Posted by jshannyn519 View Post



The inguinal ligament is right in that area. It runs from the top front of your iliac crest (the part of your "hip bone" that sticks out in the front) down to the outside part of the pubic bone. It's part of your external oblique musculature and it's that white thing in the picture down there.


inguinal ligament.jpg


Wow. Yes. This seems like it is that very thing. Thank you so much! smile.gif

I wonder if there is anything I can do to support that area better. If you have any ideas, I'd be grateful! smile.gif


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It's my understanding that the ligament gets kind of pushed forward during pregnancy from the growing uterus. So it gets sore because it's being stretched. My chiropractor did some kind of stretching thing to my hips to help keep the ligament loose so it doesn't hurt as much. I'd say that any type of stretch that opens the hips would help with that pain. Also, strengthening your core muscles with yoga and doing stretches to keep your lower back and hamstrings loose will help with it as well.

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Kristin, I did daycare for a little guy that got Kawasaki's.  I was in college and the mom and I were exchanging childcare. We had 5 kids between the two of us, and we spent a good 30-35 hrs or more a week together in close contact. We generally watched each other kids even if they were sick. He was at my house the day before he was admitted. Similar story to your son, she'd taken him in and they said it was just a cold/viral illness and he'd get over it.  But by the next afternoon, both of us knew he needed to go to the ER as he was just weak and listless. Infectious Diseases doc diagnosed him rather quickly after admit. None of the other 4 got sick at all, and my youngest was a severe asthmatic and prone to catch EVERYTHING--think 3-4 hospital visits a year minimum--but he didn't get it. These kiddos were as close as siblings as far as time spent together/shared space,etc.


His outcome was great!  They had him checked out (can't remember how far out? a few weeks??) with a pediatric cardiologist (had to drive to a town several hours away). All was well. Then, I believe it was 6 mos and a year? Or maybe just the 6 mos out, because he was doing so well. I remember he was very pale, pink lipped, red rimmed eyes for a few weeks after. Weak and not his happy go-lucky self, and I also remember we were to be careful with letting him do anything 'rough' (Good luck...he was a 3.5 yo boy!!). He did take the aspirin, but I have no idea on dosage as I never had to give. Once he got past the critical and then the few weeks of convalescence, he did great and was 'himself' again soon.

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Thanks, All, for being excited for me. It gives me warm fuzzies. smile.gif


Oh, Mamas! I am so in LOVE! luxlove.gif  It was so absolutely wonderful to see that beautifully formed little head and the arms pumping and feel AND see the little legs kicking!  I am just so amazed at all of the spine vertebrae perfectly formed and aligned and to see the four chambers of the heart pumping.  I loved counting the little fingers and toes and seeing the profile with the little nose that looks like their big sister's!  The images haven't been examined by a radiologist yet, but everything looks wonderful.  As far as measuring and dates go, the baby is exactly on target for my due date calculated from my LMP. The only concern the technician had was that the placenta was low.  It was not previa though, so I am not worried. 


DH and I have debated for several weeks about whether we wanted to know the gender or not.  We didn't make the actual decision until we were in the office.  We've each said, "Lets" to each other and had the other one say, "I don't know."  Finally, in the office, we decided not to.  There is a slim chance that the video that we took home recorded an image when we were instructed to look away (when in the bladder area and such), but the sonogram technician said she didn't even know what it was, so I doubt that we'd be able to figure it out!


Wow.  I have so much to be thankful for.

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aleatha5, I am so sorry you are going through such an ordeal!  You  must be very concerned.  I wish I had info. but I don't. 


Josie, congrats on your US!  They are amazing little beings in there.You could probably have the pictures read that were taken at a later date if you changed your mind. That is why we had ours put in an envelope.  At first we didn't want to know and we figured if we changed our minds we could just open the envelope instead of regretting.  But then we decided to have our little girl read it when we were all together so we would all find out at the same time.  I tell you the two hours holding that envelope was torture.


Jenni, sounds like you are at least on the right track to a better life.  As much as the here and now sucks, you will be able to breathe deeply some day soon!


Our plans for this weekend is to make out our registry list with DDs #2 and #3 and then go out for a big lunch.  We have a guard llama coming tomorrow so that should be our excitement for Sunday *LOL*

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Ugh for sick little ones. greensad.gif we all just cycled through the swine flu at our house...tons of fun! I am so happy, though, that we are all healthy enough to get through things like that without complications. I didn't even have to call the doctor...yay!

I have such a big belly already. I really must take a photo!

We found out we're having another boy, so now we are starting to zero in on names more. I keep calling him one in particular, which makes me think baby has sort of chosen it for himself somehow.

Not much else to report. Life is bliss at the moment and the sun is shining today. treehugger.gif
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