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I can't believe I'm back on the due date club!!!

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my third child was born last Feb 7.  He's 11 mo now and I'm happily planning his first birthday party (my other two are 7 & 4).  ds2 was my last...I was so done with pregnancy and absolutely not going to have any more babies!!!!!  REALLY!!!!  Dh got info for a vas last summer, but it was never a good time, always something coming up, you know?  I didn't press it.  Then I started imagining getting pregnant again, and how sweet another baby would be. and sniffling every time I put ds2 out-grown clothes in storage.  then I would shake myself and explain to myself *alll* the reasons why another baby would be a bad, bad idea.  And then I would get all weepy when I would see a newborn on TV...while holding and nursing my own young baby (who got huge so fast, and was never really tiny).  When I got my first AF in Nov, I explained to dh that I was now likely fertile again (we have no trouble getting pregnant) and we needed to proceed with caution.  I then mentioned my irrational desire to have another baby. I expected him to roll his eyes and explain why having another baby would be a bad, bad idea.  Instead, he said "sounds great! let's do it!"

so, we were still considering it, and still thinking about it.  we had sex at least 4 weeks after AF, and I thought I was still irregular enough to make getting pregnant difficult at best....Well, call me Fertile Mertle, cuz here I am!  I'm still in shock, and a little freaked out.  also excited!  ds2 will only be 19mo when new baby arrives, and that seems so unfair to him, but I know we'll deal with it, and it will be fine.  Although I'm shocked and surprised (and embarrased) I'm working on being at peace and accepting it.  Also, it's very weird to not know exactly when I conceived--I have known with the other 3.  So, my edd, is very much estimated.


I remember very distinctly being on the Feb '10 DDC, a thread was posted not long before we were all due saying something like "who does not plan to be in 2011 DDC?"  and I nodded my head, and said no more DDCs for me!  I guess I would have no career as a psychic!


So, I'm getting settled...congrats to you other mamas!  and I'm looking forward to getting to know you all a little better!

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orngbiggrin.gif Congratulations mama!

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Welcome!!!  I'm having my fourth too, though we have a 3-3.5yr spacing with each..  Wierd to be back after deciding you were done, eh?   We were researching vas too, especially after a surprise pregnancy and miscarriage in Nov but it looks like we don't really have to rush it now thumb.gif

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Welcome!  We have a lot in common!  This is also my 4th, and I was also "done" after number three.  I got my first postpartum period in November, AND I have a son whose birthday is February 7th (my oldest; he'll be six)!

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We were done after #3...and then #4 came along...and then dh said "no way" to more babies and we talked about vas this summer.  So here's another oops with #5 and I totally get the "embarassed" feeling.  I know where babies come from and clearly my husband and I are compatible in that department but we all need our fun once in awhile right?  So congrats and know you are not alone!  Also, my due date is an estimate...I had 3 post partum afs and my last one was 10.26.10 but I tested when it was late the first month, second month, by the third got the positive pregnancy test.  Will you go for an early u/s?  I discussed it with my midwife depending upon HCG numbers and progesterone.

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wow, redpajama, we do have a lot in common!  Too funny...

I'm so glad to know there are others who were done having kids and had a change of heart, or a welcome "oops".  yes, my dh and I are very compatable, and we should have been more careful, til we were sure and absolutely ready.  But, I am also convinced that you can never be entirely ready for babies, no matter how well prepared you are with clothes, and stuff, and money, etc.  Each baby brings about challenges, and joys, you never dreamed before they were born! 


I'm not sure if I will get a U/S or not.  we don't have maternity care on our insurence, and if we add it as a rider, we probably won't use it, since I am planning another homebirth. The cost to add it is outrageous, and we have a huge family deductible, so a u/s would be paid out-of-pocket, and may or may not be applied to deductible.  i hate making this kind of decision purely on financial reasons, but unless there seems to be a medically necessary reason, I won't have one.  I'm hoping my m/w will not need a solid due date, and a 10-day range will be sufficient.  I haven't talked to her yet, but she seemed pretty easy-going about all that last time around!  My others were born past 40w, so there is little chance this one will be premature.

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