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More posts per page view. If a thread is more than 2 pages long, I don't have time to wait for it to load to read it.


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I would like a button which says, Posts With No Replies so I could find those easily.  I have seen that on other forums. 


(I would just use the Advanced Search feature, but it doesn't show  posts with less than 1 reply which has been reported but not fixed)

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1. I'd like to be able to type smileys again, instead of having to go through menus to click on them.

2. I'd like to be able to easily access the last post I read in a thread.

3. I'd like the smileys to be organized and maybe more smileys.

4. I'd like an iPhone app


Thanks for asking!

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Thanks for the reply.  I'll hang back and watch.  I'm sure there are many new features I'm just not even aware of.  Jessica



Originally Posted by georgia View Post

Originally Posted by jessjgh1 View Post

Originally Posted by georgia View Post

I would like to ask if, going forward, we can try and keep the posts about feature requests. If there are any technical questions, please start a separate thread for organization's sake. This will help ensure that this thread stays on topic to software requests and ensure your technical questions get answered. Thanks so much for helping me with this.


I guess I'm a little fuzzy on the distinction between the 2? 

Are you planning on compiling a big 'working list' from the answers here, getting some insight from the software team and then coming back for more input again?  I was actually expecting a poll or something where I could pick from the things available.  I did make some suggestions but now I'm not sure if they are considered 'features' or 'technical' and from the list of suggestions others have generated, I'm quite sure I'm not even aware of half the features available.
Just curious- the forums and webstuff that I used to be familiar with 10 years ago is now well beyond me.




Jessica, I'm sorry for any confusion. My intentions were to ask about what features you'd like to see that we don't currently offer. If you have a request for a feature, please post it. If we already have it, I will do my best to direct you to the information about the feature. Questions about a particular existing feature would best go in a new thread. I hope that makes sense! The distinction is that we're looking for input about abilities and features we do not currently offer. Questions about how to use existing features would be best in their own dedicated thread so they don't get lost and this thread stays on topic.


I didn't want to place a poll because that limits you to the options that were placed. This thread really is to see what features members want to see versus my offering a limited selection of features *I* think you might want to see. I already know what stuff I'd like to see, but I think it's crucial to know what you want to see! I don't know what I don't know, and I felt that asking you for your input (without limiting responses to a poll) would be the most effective way to hear what members really want. 


If someone's having problems with a feature s/he knows we do have (let's just use spellcheck as an example), I'm asking that going forward, please questions about this existing feature to a new thread. It would be fine to reply to this thread: I'd like to see a more stable spellcheck or please offer spellcheck where I don't have to click extra keys to make it work in my browser. 


When we first changed software, the goal to keep all the questions in one thread, but we all saw how impossible it was to keep up with so many posts asking about so many different problems all in one place. It's very hard to read through a ton of posts just to see your question answered, so by requesting a new thread be started, I'm trying to ensure that y'all get your questions answered to the best of my ability. Having a dedicated thread for individual questions also makes it easier for search purposes when members have questions in the future. 


I can't thank everyone enough for the amazing patience that's been shown during this time of transition.

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For me,


I would like to get rid the reviews on the right, I don't like ads and those (even though they are not called ads) annoy me.

I would like more posts per page, I like 50 or 100, sometimes 200, but would settle for 50.

I would like a working back button.

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I would love for the smile page to stay open instead of shutting down after I pick just one smile when I am doing my siggy since :code dosnt work there at all. That is sooooo irritating. I dont even open the smiles page any more because it is so annoying.
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Iphone app

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I would love a mobile skin, iphone app, anything like that really. 

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Iphone app, organized smilies and be able to type the smilies....

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Privacy option - nonmembers can't view or download photos that I post on forums in MDC

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Less censorship - sometimes I feel like you guys think we are children and I go to sites that allow more freedom of speech.


No kidding.


Doing that reminded me how much I hate the C&P function, too.

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Mobile.  A must with so many now on smart phones.

Smiley enhancements.  I can never find the one I want and typing the ones I use frequently is easier.

Bookmarks for posts (LOVE this idea).  This would have been really helpful in the many multi-page thread about red raspberry leaf tea in the pregnancy forum.

The spelling feature - unless I'm missing something you can't right click a misspelled word to bring up suggestions.  This is something I can do everywhere else.  I don't want to click the button at the top to proof the whole post.  There are plenty of times that names or abbreviations don't need to be proofed, but there are those one or 2 words I don't remember how to spell.


Thanks for asking this.  I work in the software industry and it seems so obvious to ask the users, but happens so rarely.


ETA - By mobile I don't mean iPhone.  That may be the top right now but there are plenty others out there.  I'm on WebOs and know many on Android phones.

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Originally Posted by capretta View Post

I'd really like to see MDC have a mobile skin

same here.  i would also like it to be easier to access my private messages.  also the layout of the page is too wide for my netbook

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another vote for more organized smilies

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I would like for the background to not be white, and to be able to eliminate much of the white space when I am reading messages.  Everything is too spread out and I find it difficult to read the forum, and the white background hurts my eyes. 


Easier smilies would also be nice but the white/whitespace issue is way bigger for me.

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iphone app!!!  I really miss the old one!

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For some reason I can't type in the reply box on my Windows phone, so a fix for that would be great!

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forgive for not reading all replies before i post....


* my all time ultimate mdc must-have dream function is a "save draft" function. i know i'm not the only one who has to come back multiple times in order to complete a post on some of the longer threads, and boy would it be nice to have a way to save what i'd been able to write (other than cut/paste/send self pm).


* the other thing i'd love is for ad-free browsing to include not seeing the "reviews" on the right hand side... if i want to see reviews, i will go look for them. i dont. i'd like more room for reading posts with less scrolling.


* there had been some talk about "private" or invited threads, and i'd really like to see that happen. since we tend to have very personal conversations, and some of us have "known" each other for years, they could become deeper and more powerful...but since anyone can pop on and read, we tend to stop that from happening. it would be nice to be able to take conversations to that next level in a safe environment.


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I'd like to put my 2cents in for a mobile site and/or an app that makes it possible to view and comment to MDC when away from the computer. Thanks!

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Mobile! Now that there's no mobile option, I am very rarely here anymore. I loved being able to easily access mdc on my android phone.

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