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Metformin only for PCOS?

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I do not have PCOS (monthly cycles, although I O late and have LPD) - would Metformin ever be prescribed to me?  I've read how it can help with cycles but is it just helpful for women with PCOS with very long cycles or can others take it?


Thanks for any advice.

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I think it helps those who has problems with insulin resistence. The ovaries are related with the same hormones so thats why for some women it works . The best way would be to see endocrinologist or obgyn who understands those issues.  Did you get your hormones tested?

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Not yet, but hopefully I will when I see my doctor in 2 weeks.

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As I see with LPD is more about progesterone http://www.babyhopes.com/articles/luteal-phase-defect.html

Do you check BT? 

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I was able to get pregnant with DD 6 years ago by lengthening by LP with NPC but, so far, it hasn't done a lthing for me this time around. :(

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Well I hope you will get on right track and it won't take to long to see BFP!

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Metformin (glucophage) is used for insulin resistence.  It can be combined with clomid to encourage ovulation in Polycystic women.  In some cases it can be used alone.  Unless you are diabetic, I highly doubt they would prescribe that for you since that won't help your problem. Good luck in finding your answer!

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I have PCOS and am on metformin, because my PCOS responds to it (so it is probably caused by insulin resistance).  What it has done for me is give me a period and some semblance of a normal cycle.  Before metformin, my cycles could be anything from 5 months to 2 weeks, and I was likely anovulatory.   Now I am at least ovulating. 


But although I ovulate, we seem to be having a difficult time with implantation.  My first pregnancy didn't implant because I had very low progesterone levels, so I just did my first cycle of Chlomid with IUI and added Prometrium, and got the negative test a few hours ago.  We're going to now look into LPD, so hopefully that will be some light at the end of the tunnel, though I don't know how you fix LPD besides adding progesterone....

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