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My little guy arrived today! Surprise UC!

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I was determined to have my little one today (my  EDD) and he's here! I decided to take castor oil this morning at 9:30 and after a few trips to the bathroom mild ctx began around 2pm. They were really strange; lasting only 30 sec. and coming every minute and a half. More than anything they were annoying. I was thinking the castor oil had just irritated my uterus and they would fizzle out in a few hours as the effects from the CO wore off. Around 4pm I got in the bath to try and get them to go away. My mom stopped in for a few minutes and told me to call her later tonight when things pick up. When she left things got intense; ctx lasting a minute but they were only 20-30 sec apart. I was terrified the baby was malpositioned and that was why they were starting to hurt. ::Enter hysterical mode::  Around 4:45 I called my midwife to voice my concerns and she said she was heading this way. My MIL also came to pick up my DD and DS. I checked myself and my cervix was too high to reach and I could no longer feel his head at all. ::Really freaking out now:: I got out of the tub and walked to the bed. My water immediately broke and I felt (what I thought) was the castor oil kick in and scrambled to the bathroom to sit on the toilet. DH followed close behind and as soon as I sat down I felt him start to crown. I was immediately centered and calm which was a nice change from the hysteria of the prior 15 minutes. DH said  "DO NOT let him go in the toilet!" so I stood up and pushed out his shoulders. DH caught him and lifted him up to me. Surprise UC! DH was amazing... It was 5pm exactly. He was beautiful and purple. I dried him off while DH went to get a bulb syringe from my birth kit. I suctioned him a little and he started to cry and pinked up nicely. Placenta came immediately. My midwife called to see how I was doing and to let me know she was about 20 minutes away. She was shocked that he was already here-- we all were! DH called Kim, my SIL, and told her to come over. She arrived a few minutes before my midwife. Kim cut the cord and we settled in bed to snuggle. He was 7lb 14oz, 21 in long and is absolutely perfect. We are all in love and feeling so blessed :love 1 hour active labor! Hopefully tomorrow he will have a name! IMG_0740.JPG

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Holy moly, that is one cool birth story! You have a cool-headed DH, I think mine would have been running around in circles while hyperventilating. What a beautiful baby, too. Love those chubby cheeks! Congrats!

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wow!  congrats!  I think my DH would've flipped!

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Congradulations! You look amazing and your ds is beautiful. That sounds like a crazy and awesome birth experience.

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What an awesome story! Congrats!! 

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awww, great story! congrats

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Congrats! Time to update your siggy ;)

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Beautiful!  Enjoy your little love!

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DDCC just to say congrats!  What a beautiful birth!  Enjoy your babymoon.

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What a great birth story and such a beautiful picture! Did you decide on a name? love.gif

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Thanks for all the sweet comments! We did decide on a name... Simon :) We are totally smitten. He is just perfect love.gif

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Congratulations, mama!  What a fantastic birth story, and what a sweet little boy!  I love the name Simon. :)

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I love his name, it totally fits!  He's gorgeous.

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He is gorgeous!  Congratulations!

And might I just say that I love that we were having such similar experiences at almost exactly the same time.  Our little boy was born a couple of hours later after about an hour of active labor.  Born right next to the flush lol.gif, in front of the sink.

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You guys did an awesome job! Congratulations!

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