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Elizabeth, a doula, 30, with
ten-year-old daughter,
37-year-old husband,
due mid-June, but daughter was 37 weeks and 7lbs 13 oz so kind of hoping for another early baby. Planning homebirth with an awesome midwife!
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Name: Kim
age: 27
kids: dd - Emma 12/15/02-8/23/03
dh: Jeremy
home: apartment
pets: none, but I would love a dog!
birthing plan: Homebirth with midwife, doula, good friend and Jeremy
EDD: according to ovulation June 21, to u/s at 23 weeks, June 13, to LMP...well, didn't have one!
gender: I don't know!
baby's name: I'll know when I see this little bundle of love!
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Name: Erin
Age: 22
Pets: very lazy and fat cat Alexander the Great (alex), rambunctious hyper ADHD puppy black lab Cassidy the Sun Dance Kid (cassidy)

Baby #1 gender unknown by choice, planning a home birth w/ midwife in our VERY fixer-upper two bedroom house in Western Pa. Due June 8th by both my calculations and Midwife's. Actually we know the day time and hour this baby was conceived. We were TTC for about 18 months. I have PCOS too Paula, we defiantly were leaning toward adoption too. We decided to give ttc some time while trying to control my PCOS.

Names: Nathaniel Patrick =boy
Trinity Alexis = girl
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Name: Tricia
# Kids: 1 (Jared) + 1 on the way
dh: Alan
home: house
pets: 1 dog (Cami) & 1 cat (Kisses)

Planning our first home-, waterbirth with CNM. Dh and my mom in attendance. Jared (who's 3) will be there if he wishes.

Last birth was natural, hospital, waterbirth. Great experience, but am now in another state where that is not a feasible option.

gender: No idea. Didn't do any testing that would even indicate the gender!

names: Victora Elizabeth (if a girl), no clue if it's a boy.

EDD: 6/5/04
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Should I check in here? I guess I should!

Hi Everyone! I am a bit of a slow learner, though as my due date approaches and I spend more and more time on this board, I am getting more and more savvy!

I am Jami. I will be 35 weeks tomorrow. Due June 15-18ish.
Married almost 8yrs now to the best man I ever "heard tell" of. (ode to my country roots!)
I have 2 boys, ages 4 and recently 3.
This baby is the long-awaited girl in our family! After 5 boys! We are all thrilled! Whoever said they don't like pink, send it my way! It looks like someone puked pink in my house and I am loving every minute of it!!!

We are planning a MW attended homebirth/ waterbirth. This will be the first HB for us. We are also planning to cloth diaper, which is my first time with a NB, so I am a little overwhelmed with the cost and the work of gathering them, washing them, etc. But it will be good once we get started. We just moved to the best neighborhood ever, which is awesome, but also stressful between the constant projects and the lack of $$ to make it all work. We are hoping for a buyer for our townhouse SOON so I can start paying some bills and sleeping at night!

I am receiving chiropractic for a once-breech, but now locked-down baby. We are considering if we can afford to have the chiro attend the homebirth to assist. It all sounds very exciting, except that I still have romantic fantasies about it just being my husband and me sharing the moment together, but am too chicken to try it (I am a bleeder).

That's enough, I guess. Nice to meet you all.
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Don't know how i missed this thread??? LOL

My name is Jessica. I am expecting baby #6 June 15th. It is a girl, and dh has chosen the name Isabella Reese.

I have 5 other children, age 8 and under. Conner, Kaitlyn, Noah, Hannah and Alexis.

I am a SAHM and a doula (in active right now due to baby etc)

You can see our family here:

or my pregnancy journal here:
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I'm Laura and new here. I'm expecting my second baby pretty soon. We concieved because we got very lazy with natural family planning (it really DOES work if you follow the rules) so I don't really have a due date. May 19 by LMP and June 14 by the latest date possible.

I have a 3.5 yo dd who was born at home in the water.

Same plan with this babe, but now my assistant (I'm a midwife) also assists my midwife and I'm going to have a doula/photographer because I WANT PICS! I'm excited about having my very birth savvy dd there, starting elimination communication early on and hopefully having lots and lots of breastmilk instead of the dreadful low supply/"happy-to-starve-baby" experience like last time!
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Name: Natitia (Titia or Tish) - 28

Married to: Steve - 27 (6.9.01)

Expecting our 1st human baby
EDD: By LMP 6/04
By u/s 6/10
By o date 6/14
We've been going with the 14th but as I've gotten closer I've decided I'm going with the 10th - many people don't even know their o date, it's in the middle, and I'm 9 months preggo and can if I want.

Baby's sex/name: We're having a surprise, and his/her name will be chosen after we meet him/her.

Furkids: 3 dogs, Chloe, Lacey & Boots - all girls

Birth plan: At a hospital with a midwife. We're taking Bradley classes in preparation.
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Just wanted to let y'all know I am changing due date clubs from June to May! Looks like we are farther along than we though.

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Hi, Nichol.

I think you meant to post your reply on the June, 2005 date club. This was the June, 2004.

Have a blessed day! And here's to a wonderful pregnancy and birth!
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Me: April (26)
Dh: Mike (27)~we have been married 6yrs
Children: Rachel (4yrs old), Elisabeth (2yrs old), and little one in my tummy
Pets: Cassie (6yr old dog), Charlie (5yr old cat), and Stewy (5yr old cat)

I am due June 20th, but I plan on being early. Elisabeth was 8 days early. Usually when I hit 37 or 38 wks I do all I can do stimulate labor. We don't know the sex of the baby yet. We had an u/s at 18wks but the baby was sleepy and didn't move much. I had a c-section with Rachel and a hosptial VBAC with Elisabeth. With this baby we are having a HBAC.
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