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Cervix HIGH and closed.

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Dr says, as of last Thursday babies not coming anytime soon. I am 35 weeks this week. Two weeks ago, babes weighed almost 5 pounds so I guess I will have bigish twins. I am happy about that, but so fraking miserable its not even funny. I cry on a daily basis.

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hug2.gif Sorry that you are so miserable.  I've heard that the end of a twin pregnancy is awful.


And high and closed means squat.  I was high and closed on Friday with DS and went into labour on Monday.


Hang in there!  Big healthy twins are awesome!

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I'm sorry your so miserable! I can't even imagine how uncomfortable you must be. Biggish twins are very good and each day of baking will  make them healthier once they are born! hug2.gif

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I'm so sorry you are miserable!

I second the "high and closed" means anything other than you aren't having the twins on the exam table right then. Your body and your babies are working together to decide on a due date.

Hang in there!

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Wonderful they get to cook a bit longer!


The high closed thing...well I had a post on here because my cervix was really low (like right there) BUT when I thought my water broke the intern couldn't reach my cervix (That was....interesting after the first min or 3)


So depending on where they feel like being at the moment...

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I totally understand the miserableness you are feeling lol. The last few weeks were so so hard for me, but then before you know it they will be here. That's good they are such great weights already, though I know it just makes you more miserable. Around 35 wks was when I just started saying "I am so done, I want these kids out!". I can't imagine how it would feel if I'd gone full-term, yikes.

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oh, i can not imagine how hard it must be for you twin mama's.....stay strong, they are coming! soon!

and like everyone else said.....high and closed mean....diddly.

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Closed cervix is totally ok at 35 wks! You could walk around dialated to a 3 for weeks or it can even fluctuate. Dont let some arbitrary number or lack of one get you down. Babies are cooking and growing healthy and strong. Longer they cook the better off. Hang in there lady! Those babies will come out when they are ready. 

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Dr today told me baby A not engaged yet either. But that doesnt mean squat right? You can engage on day of labor, not necessarily before?

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Doesn't mean anything...you can engage when labor starts.   Big hugs to you....they'll be here soon!!

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my baby a is literally right behind my pubic bone and I'm still pregnant, so I think all those so called indicators of labor mean squat.

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I'm super miserable with one so I can't even imagine how awful you must feel with 2 people assaulting your insides.


I agree with the pp, I don't buy into the usual labor predictions.  I don't do cervix checks at all any more, they seem to either make you optimistic (and then disappointed) or just plain depressed.


Your babies will come when they are ready.  I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow, I'm trying not to think about being pregnant for another 5 weeks because I want to cry.  I just try to do some projects to keep me busy (right now I'm trying to get our my nursing clothes and some post partum clothes and put away some maternity stuff.  Anything is better than stalking the calendar and your cervix.


hang in there!

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I am another one of those who stay closed and tight until right when labor starts. You could go anytime! 


I am sorry you are miserable though. Hopefully it won't be much longer for you.

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