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SO SAD : (

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I was so scare of (what if) with my son but then i was watching the news of what happen in arizona and it scare the hack out of me like its stuck in my head know.. like what if i go crazy too like them and its hard to get it out of my head i would never do that or anything...never watch the news when your depressed.. has anyone experience this before?

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Hi, yes, I agree it can be very difficult to see such horrific things on the news....honestly I don't even watch it or read the newspaper, or even watch tv programs that might be the least bit upsetting to me.  I just can't handle it right now.  Are you seeing anyone for your depression?

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HI 2peaches, yes i work with doctors and i explain to them whats going on and they put me on lexapro... but im still thinking about it !!!! I have 4boys, with my 3 son i got ppd really bad and i kept it for 6yrs and with my 4th child i kept to myself too because i was really scare to tell anybody what i was feeling but know i know im not the only one...

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Yes, it certainly helps to know you are not alone!

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