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Raw milk benefits?

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Hi, I am just starting to look into the idea of raw milk.  I would like to know if anyone has any personal stories about how raw milk as improved their families health, or any kind of benefit it has brought to your lives.


I would also like to hear any negative stories anyone has.  Please share your thoughts!

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No personal experience yet myself, I just submitted paperwork for a cow share.  But here is a great interview I thought I would pass along to you that I enjoyed:


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Wow, thank you so so much for that link!  I am writing to the governor of my state(where all raw milk distribution is illegal)  and will include this link

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My family has been drinking raw milk for about a year. My daughters are 2 and 4 and they used to get frequent upper respiratory infections, but since we started the raw milk they have not had any, nor ear infections. My husband and I recently stopped using dairy because we were having intestinal troubles, but the kids are doing well with it. We know a little boy who is lactose intolerant but he can drink raw milk with no problems.

We live in Massachusetts where there is plenty of anti-raw-milk campaigning by the big dairy companies, but the governor drinks raw milk!

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We've been drinking raw milk for about a year now.  My husband has IBS and it is agravated by store bought dairy products.  He can drink raw milk with abandon and have no issues.  None of us have gotten sick almost the entire time we've been drinking it.  We've each had one very minor cold and that's it.  We used to each get several colds and usually one flu each year and we haven't had any of that.  We ran out of raw milk once and all felt terrible.  Stomach upset and other intestinal issues.  I can never go back!  Love, love, love raw milk!

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Amyem - where do you get your raw milk from in Mass?

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I switched a month ago and will never ever go back. Not only is it delicious but I feel sooo much better. Energized too. Another thing I noticed, I'm not as hungry anymore. I usually have warm milk in the morning and am starving at work by 9am. I am seriously not hungry and content until after 12 pm. We drive 30 miles out of our way to pick it up and it is soo worth it. The milk is sweet and a nice golden color. I found my provider thru localharvest.org and u can also check realmilk as well. I just email the lady and tell get how many gallons and which kind- She has 2 cows to choose from. I pay $10 a gallon which is only $2 more that I was paying for organic no nutrients milk. Hth!
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Adding to this, I have Arthritis and last week, which was in my 2nd week of drinking raw milk, I was waking up without stiffness, pain or like I had 1,000 weights on me. I did not really pay attention until I mentioned it to the lady I pick milk up from and she said she had heard similar stories from other customers!  NOW I love this milk even more. I can move in the mornings without my husband's assistance AND I can dress myself which sometimes is not possible for me at 26.  I feel human again!heartbeat.gif

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Is raw milk you find at Whole Foods as good as the one you pick up from a local person?

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I was extremely pleased to find that, although I have been diagnosed casein intolerant, I have NONE of the horrible symptoms that I have had in the past now that I am eating homemade yogurt from raw milk, or a locally made raw milk cheese. This is a huge breakthrough for me. (Formerly I made my yogurt from powdered whole milk...)

I never would have considered it until I learned that the pasteurization process actually "distorts" the casein molecule, and for me my body sees it as an invader and sets up an autoimmune response (aka cramps and diarrhea.)

SO glad to be able to add yogurt back into my diet!

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