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I know there have been threads on this before but I'm not having the best of luck with my search. I've spent about 10 hours in the past month going through old photos (prints, from film, old-school), and I'm only about 1/3 of the way through. I'm mega-overwhelmed. Right now I'm sorting them into rough time-periods, throwing out obvious doubles or duds, and keeping out a pile of pics I want to frame/display, and a pile of pics to give away. I was really into photography for about 7 years (was in the darkroom about 5 hours per week), and was always the "unofficial" photographer at all friend events. In fact, none of my friends brought a camera anywhere bc they knew I would! (This was before digital got so cheap and good).


I imagine that I will want to eventually scan them, but the time + expense requied (would need to buy a decent scanner), and then to save (with descriptive title?)/categorize/backup...I just sort of lose it even thinking about it!


Anyone conquered the photobox demon and live to tell? Please share.

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I DID!!! I used Walgreens or any reputable company to make photo books so I had hard copies of my absolute favorites. I made a year 1-5 for my son and one for me and the hubby. These are my absolute ABSOLUTE favorite pictures. They came out really cool and are fun to look through. I then organized the rest by year and I am scanning them in, again only keeping the absolute best. My next photo book is going to be of Texas, since we are from there and have take alot of fun trips there. I then purged the old computer. It does take time, but I am doing one month a week. It is helping a lot.

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