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Peeing question and other end of pregnancy things.

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Sorry this is kinda long and rambly....


OK, so the last few days I have had to pee probably every 15 minutes, give or take, and also feeling extra moist 'down there'. I know that I have heard the stories of the big fat pregnant lady having to pee constantly but I didn't have this with my last pregnancy at all. I haven't been having a ton of BH's but I have been having them increase more the last few days as well. Some of my food aversions that I had in my first trimester have come back. After basically feeling like I needed to hibernate in my house the last 2 months, for some reason last night I felt the impulse to take DH up on his offer (and he was joking) to drive 2 hours away, on a whim, to watch the Packers game with some friends. Now, today, I took on a large cleaning project and finished all the laundry. The other weird thing is that my dogs are obsessed with being near me. They are mostly outdoor dogs and come in occasionally to lay in the back porch. Today they were peering in the windows to see where I was, and then once they were inside they would not stop trying to sneak into the TV room where I was, when normally they would be content laying in their spot in the porch. Normally I wouldn't think much of it but I saw on a thread in the archives that one woman's cats wouldn't leave her alone around the time she went into labor. I've been also feeling tired one minute and then restless the next. Other than all this random stuff I feel great. I don't have any aches or pains or feel impatient about the baby coming, etc.


Is it normal to have to pee this much? I don't have any burning pain or other bladder infection symptoms.

What is going on?

Is it anything, or just random end of pregnancy stuff?

Does anyone else have any weird changes going on?

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Don't know bout the pee to much because this is the first time I have had that issue as well. However, I mentioned it to a friend who I consider pretty knowledgable about pregnancy symptoms (she has 6 children) and she mentioned she had that issue part of the time and not the other ones. So, I guess its probably having to do with something about being pregnant..


With my first I had a cat while I was pregnant. The closer to the end I came the closer she wanted to be. When I was in labor she laid on the side of the tub and then when I got out laid on top of me. When I started to pack a few things she tried to jump into the bag as well. Guess they just know you are close to the end and want to be near you in case they are needed.


As for the other stuff, weird nesting maybe? I never nest but some of my friends mentioned they go from not wanting anything to do with anyone to doing all sorts of crazy things and then back again.

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peeing thing, depends on where the baby is, maybe making your badder smaller.


Crazy nesting yup...I just cleaned my bath tub, yeah scrubbed on my hands a knees.


My dog dakota has not left me alone for the past few months, he follows me every where and gets very upset to leave me alone. I think its just he knows I'm pregnant. When I was first pregnant my other dog (we since gave to my parents) became very very protective (which is abnormal for him.) they sense things. 


My nausea has come and gone along with food craving again with baby position,,,


So yeah I think your a normal crazy pregnant lady orngbiggrin.gif

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I'm peeing like that too :( It's making me crazy.


I have been trying to get this baby in a good position and keep her there. One of the things I read was that posterior positioned babies make you pee more b/c of their position. My baby hangs out in a mostly posterior position, so maybe this is true. I just keep doing the exercises... and peeing.

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Maybe that's why then! My baby is mostly posterior too. I'm not sure how to get her to spin around but hopefully she will by labor day.

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