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Anyone from Wisconsin that don't vaccinate kids?

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My name is Lindsay. Long story short. I don't vaccinate my 2 year old girl. So I get alot of negative words from people. All the women I know vaccinate their children and they are sick alot. My little girl has had a cold a few times but that's it. Nothing what the vaccinated kids have. Anyways, i'm just looking for like minded individuals that may live in my area and maybe do playdates :)






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I'm not a non-vaxxer, but we are doing the Dr. Sears modified schedule with my son. I can see the virtues of vaccines, but could never see making a young child deal with 6+ vaccines at once. I fully respect a parent's choice to vaxx or not. I'm originally from Fond du Lac and am currently living in Sheboygan. I have a 6 year old daughter and 4 month old son.

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Glad to know you did your research on vaccines. I have respect for parents that do their research. I lose respect for parents who go with vaccinating because of what others think, or who just do it without doing their research. I used to work in Fond du Lac.

Well, thanks for getting back to me, and hope you and your family stay happy and healthy :)




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I have a 2-year-old, too, and she's been super healthy - no vaccines yet.  I'm too far for play dates (darn, because my DD sure could use some play date buddies!) but I just wanted to post to say if you or anyone get or know of someone with chickenpox, please email me jodymack@gmail.com - I really want DD to get it soon.  I'm so frustrated by the fact that CP vaccine even exists! 


I haven't taken DD into the doc in a long time.  Last time I was there for a well-child, I got the speech yet again.  I wanted to just say, "Look, as soon as they stop vaccines that make no sense like Hep B at birth when parents have been tested negative and chickenpox and stop giving out free formula to pregnant moms-to-be that looks like a 'gift' but is really the formula companies preying on mothers, fathers and babies, THEN maybe I'll actually start to trust you! :)


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Hi JavaFinch

I agree with you completely! 


I would love to trust our medical establishment,government, etc.....but there's no chance that will ever happen. Money talks unfortunately. Too much corruption and money behind vaccines. Too bad for the innocent children that get injected, it hurts to know what's going on, but it's reality. Too many children are sick these days and get sick and/or die from vaccines, and I know and so many others know vaccines are wrong, pesticides are bad, chemicals, are bad, and so on. I wish this whole mess could be cleaned up!


At least as parents we can do our research and use common sense when making decisions relating to our children.


No chicken pox here, if we do I'll let you know. 


Take care,



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We are in the Burlington area of WI and our 4 1/2 and 20 mo. have had no vaccines.  We've had very supportive Dr.s and I have a like minded group of moms around me who have chosen similarly for their children!  Do not back down on your priorities!  These are our children.  We are the parents and we know best!


Love going out to all the Mamas!



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We're here in La Crosse, WI and neither of my two girls have had any vaccines. My older daughter is five, only got the Vitamin K shot (she was born via cesarean so I was concerned) but was never vaccinated. We even went to South Korea for close to two years and she never received any vaccines. My younger daughter will be 9 months on Wednesday and never got even the Vitamin K shot (she was also my VBAC baby) and no vaccinations for her either. The ped we see gives us the spiel on it but otherwise doesn't say much of anything about vaccines. I have gotten grief a time or two from a doctor about not vaccinating but just seek out doctors that aren't going to give me too many issues. My girls are rarely sick (especially compared to the kids who live next door to us) and the worst my older daughter has been sick was when she had a stomach bug this last week. I also nursed her until she was 4, another thing that tends to freak people out ha ha ha.


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I live about 20 miles east of Appleton and have 2 girls, 3 years and 16 months.
Glad to see I am not the only one who has chosen not to vaccinate, in my small town I happened to meet 2 other moms who have chosen not to as well.

My parents chose to not vaccinate me or my sisters. The last shots I had were before I entered Kindergarten, I am 31 now. My youngest sister who is 22 has never had a vaccination.

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3 girls in Brookfield, WI and no vax either.....we are making the right choice........good for us for standing FIRM!


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