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Where to buy an organic mattress in Frankfurt? Which one to buy?

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Hi all,


I will be moving to Frankfurt in the next few months and am looking to purchase a new organic mattress and convertible crib/toddler bed for my 15 month old.


Does anyone have any suggestions where to go? Any brands I should check out? Right now we have a Lifekind organic mattress which is amazing but we cant take it with us. I may consider an organic Latex mattress too. I really want the best and purest mattress I can find.


Thanks in advance for the advice...



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Do you read German?

Oekotest testing service tested 15 mattresses for harmful substances in 2009 and apparently 11 of them have tested "very good", four tested good.

check out this link (according to the website, all the mattresses listed tested "very good" or "good", though they don't tell you which ones only tested "good", all those with "nature" in the brand name should be organic and tested "very good" ).


You can buy the original test results here for 1,20 €:


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Thanks so much but unfortunately I don't speak German--can someone help me translate?  Which ones are listed as Very Good?  If someone is willing could they purchase the original test results for me and tell me which ones scores the best?  I would be more than happy to Paypal the 1,20E fee plus a little extra for the time :)


I better start leaning my German :)


Thanks again,



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I was going to buy the results for you and found out they amended the article I linked to and now it says all the mattresses that tested "very good" are bolded. I swear this wasn't the case when I first checked it out! smile.gif

So I guess we don't have to bother with paypalling money.


Edited to add bolding does not show here! But you can head over to http://www.biobay.de/test/kinder-matratzen-test and see for yourse  anad  

and see for yourself.


Organic producers appear to be Dormiente, Lonsberg and Prolana. Prolana and Lonsberg ones appear to be coconut fibre, the tested Dormiente one appears to be latex, but they do coconut too. The Prolana got excellent results from another testing service too (Stiftung Warentest, which tends to have broader criteria than oekotest, which focuses on the organic part, like durability, price etc).


I'd think you can order all of those via amazon. I'd check out Prolana products first, they tend to come out right on top when you google relevant search terms. Their website lists Frankfurt stores, too.










  • Alvi Lena Latex-Matratze





  • Aro Sanistar Kaltschaum-Matratze





  • Ascade Dornröschen Kinderbett-Matratze





  • Dormiente Natural-Kids Heidi Basic





  • Dr. Lübbe Air Premium Kindermatratze





  • f.a.n. Medisan Care Kindermatratze





  • Klima LaPur Kindermatratze





  • Lonsberg Naturbetten Kindermatratze Latex, mittelweich





  • Malie Benjamin Kinderbett-Matratze





  • Paradies Iris Baby- und Kindermatratze





  • Prolana Naturbettwaren Ronja Plus Allergie Kindermatratze





  • Sultan Sussa Kindermatratze





  • Sun Garden Kinder-Rollmatratze





  • Teddy Kindermatratze





  • Träumeland Softwash Anti-Allergic


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Thank you thank you Tigerle!  That is funny about the article being edited (I'm an editor myself--a beauty editor--its a little weird to go back and edit an article unless very necessary-so I guess that info was VERY crucial! :0 . But anyway I was already thinking of going with the Prolana--I found the most info in English about it on the web and it seems like a really good brand.  Do you have any suggestions on cribs?  Its been very hard to find info on cribs (they are called cot-beds, yes?) in Germany. I want to buy one that converts to a toddler bed (my daughter is 13mos)--solid wood (no MDF), made in Germany/Europe (not China), unfinished/nontoxic finish--any brand suggestions?


I live in NYC now, hoping my move to FF wont be too hard :)






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We have an Ikea crib (Kinderbett) size 140x70 cm, which converts to a toddler bed. It's all wood, and we got it used on EBay for pretty cheap. It is finished, though, but if you're worried about off gassing, buying used should make that a little better. Anyway I don't know if Ikea makes unfinished wood beds or not. Sorry I can't think of anything better.
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Okay, here is an abstract from Oekotest crib testing results:



Tested products:


• Alvi Kinderbett Carina, Kiefer Alvi
  • Herlag Kinderbett Tina, Pinie massiv Herlag
  • Jako- O Bett Lotos, umbaubar, Art. 698041
    Jako- O (Versand)
  • Kinderbett LF Mia, Gitter Buche, Oberfläche Ahorn
  • Kinderbett LF Tweedy Holzart Ahorn/ weiß Wimex
  • Kinderbett Penny, Buche natur Zöllner
  • Kinderbett Träumerle, Fichte vollmassiv, lackiert
  • Leksvik Kinderbett Ikea
  • Pinolino Kinderträume Ole Buche massiv, geölt
  • Prolana Kinderbett Joshua, Buche geölt Prolana


Abstract on results:


Mia Superstar:

IKEA Leksvik:

Somewhat impractical, otherwise fine


Tina: unsafe parts

 Penny: unsafe parts
 Träumerle, Ole: holes to big
Tweedy: bad quality
 Carina: unsafe

Lotos: unsafe, harmful substances
 Joshua: unsafe


FWIW, our DS has all IKEA Leksvik furniture, we find it's pretty and practical in a somewhat oldfashioned style (and it's affordable!), though we did not happen to get the crib as we are using a friend's second hand crib, partly unassembled and customized to fit right next to our bed for DS who refuses to sleep alone anywayorngtongue.gif.

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Has anyone bought a matress from Dormiente store? I have been waiting for 7 weeks for delivery with really bad customer service! Beginning to think its some type of scam! I had to pay 50% upfront and the rest when its delivered...still I think its dodgy! Just wondering if any one has any feedback on this German store! I bought it from their representatives in Portugal.

Thanks for any help!

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Hi, I think the best place to get your mattress would be from HealthyChild since they have the best prices as well as free shipping. I've provided you the link to the organic mattress page directly. I hope it's of some use!



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