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Vacationing with a 7/8 month old?

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I'm not sure where to put this on the forum... Hopefully its ok here. 


My husband and I have a five month old daughter and he finally agreed that we can go on vacation in march/may!! Problem is the money we saved was while I was pregnant we were supposed to go somewhere, but he was never able to get time off. Now I'm not sure where we can actually go where the 3 of us can all enjoy ourselfs. 


We live in maryland, and have enough money for a week long modest vacation.


Did any of you guys vacation somewhere with a child under a year? Where did you go and were you all able to enjoy yourselfs? 


Thanks for any input, I'm truly at a loss trying to figure out something that would work well for us

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I think almost any vacation spot (except maybe someplace like Las Vegas) would be enjoyable as long as you have realistic expectations about what you will be able to do and not do when you go. 

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Where do you want to go? We are going to Malaysia next month with our 7 monther DS. Babies are portable. I don't see how they could hinder any realistic vacation.

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We travel ALOT with our 6 month old-she's been on 5 international flights and 4 domestic flights already!  I think anywhere is possible, but have, as someone else suggested, realistic expectations and think ahead about what to bring.  You don't want to cart around too much but you want to have what you need when you need it.  Be prepared to have a slower pace and break for naps as needed.  It isn't worth pushing it too much with a baby.  Cranky baby=Not so fun vacation.

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DS is 7 months and we've been on two major trips with him. Like a PP said, babies are portable and don't mind where they go or what they do ( meaning, unlike with older kids, you don't have to tailor your activities as much around them).

The only place we really are eager to take DS to but are waiting until the crawling and everything-goes-directly-in-the-mouth phase is over is India. Other than that there arent too many places I wouldn't take a baby.

Have fun!
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