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Christian SAHM & Tithing

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Now that I am a SAHM, I feel like I still need to tithe. I don't have a garden, so I can't tithe 10% of our produce. And, I tithe more than 10% of my time (so to speak), but I did that even while I was working and tithing on my income. If I just forget about tithing... I don't quite feel that it's right. But, maybe it just is.  Any thoughts... or what do you do?  Same for offerings.

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We tithe on any income.  Usually that's just dh's, but if I do babysitting, or sell a quilt, 10% goes in the tithe envelope.  I don't feel like I, individually, am not tithing, because dh and I are "one" spiritually speaking, and all income is "ours", and thus all tithe is coming from us as a unit.

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Ah yes, I agree about being "one".  Before I became a SAHM, I earned good money.  And, my DH has always given more for offerings than I even before we were married. So, I feel like whatever he decides is more than enough... but I don't feel like it's coming from my heart.  I feel like I don't have to worry... he's got us covered... and that bothers me.


Hmmmm. And, it just dawned on my.  My DH is open to me giving offering to wherever I felt.  I just never told him where/what.  So, I think this will solve it for me... I could feel like it comes from my heart.


Wow, posting this here really helped me think this through.  :)

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Do you and your husband keep your finances separate?  Either way, you contribute to that tithe by making sure it is there.  By being a good steward with the rest of it.  By being frugal and wise and modest in your spending.  Just because he brings home the money and writes the check does not mean that you have no responsibility in the tithe.    Everything either of you does with money will effect the tithe and the one earning the money to give the tithe.  Let your whole life be led in a way that enables you, as a family, to give joyfully and freely.  Not just your tithe but offerings and gifts and alms as well.

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We don't tithe money, we tithe goods/food.  I almost always donate our clothes/goods to Christian organizations or we buy extra food and donate to the food bank. 

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