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Do you lie only on your left side once the baby is in the right position?

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So my baby has been in the right position for a while, I can tell the difference when I go on my right side how it pulls more and I can feel the difference. I am wondering if going on my right side can make the baby also turn where his/her back is on the right side...I mostly do sleep on the left but since we sleep on just a big sleeping back on the floor my hip/pelvis bone starts to hurt after a while and I need to turn. Or would the baby just stay there on the left.

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I turn (and toss and turn) all night long.  My baby has been head down, with its head down and its back on my right side for a while now, and so was my last and I roll over every 20 or 30 minutes?  I sleep awful and my hips are KILLING ME.


My baby never moved out of position.


What my baby does not like is when I roll more into a stomach position with a pillow kind of on my pelvis (I'm a stomach sleeper, I hate sleeping on my side) and the baby I think feels smooshed and lets me know to quit it.


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Our baby has been head down for a few weeks and I rotate all night.  I can't stay on one side too long because my hips start to ache (even with pillows between my knees).  Before all of this I was a stomach sleeper too and I CANNOT wait to be able to sleep on my tummy again someday!!!  


I think the main reason for being on your left side is to avoid cutting off circulation to the inferior vena cava which returns blood to the heart.  Also your liver is on your right side so lying on that side can cause some people discomfort.  When my sister in law was giving birth the baby's heart rate dipped and they had her roll onto her left side and it went back up.    

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I start out on my right side because otherwise I think his bedtime kicks would tear through my flesh!  He's a kicker!  That being said he has been either breech or back to my left for quite some time.  So..IDK that it makes a difference.

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Yes, up until a certain point sleeping on your right side can make baby flip. There does come a point though when the baby is to big to easily move and then sleeping on the right side shouldn't disturb good position probably. It can, as pp mentioned reduce blood flow and cause swelling. I sleep on my left side 98% of the time. Rolling over onto my right side is like, "Ahhh! Now I can sleep!" smile.gif I hate sleeping on my left side! But after 20-30 minutes I start to physically feel bad and wake up and turn over. I cannot WAIT to be able to cuddle DH without a huge pillow between us, sleep on my stomach or my right side, and not get up in the night to pee! Yahoo!!!


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I can't stay in one position for to long because it hurts my hips. I tried to stay on my left side all night one night and by the middle of the night I couldn't walk to the bathroom without crying it hurt so bad.. The baby hasn't shifted in a while, I don't think it would matter what size I slept in.. I also sleep on my back for short periods of time (dont' mean to but I shift in my sleep) and on my stomach.

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Well nice to hear the different responses. With DS I basically slept on my left side all the time and in my last trimester I had no choice since I was so tiny and my belly tight when I tried to turn on my right I actually felt his little hands and feet on the right side and then the pulling on my belly skin was so uncomfortable I had to turn back. But with DD and this one I can go on my right side for a bit longer. I don't feel the weight of them as yet.

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I wish I could sleep so soundly that I didn't flip around all night long!  My arms fall asleep and my hips ache, so I'm constantly turning over and waking myself up.  It's never caused me any problems.

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My hips ache too so I have to switch sides every time I get up to pee. Only problem is that I'm having so much trouble with pubic and SI pain that rolling over in bed is VERY painful and has to be done really carefully.


For what it's worth, my first two kids both settled on my right side (ROA) from about 24 weeks and even though it's not the best fetal position (not as good as LOA they say), both births were relatively easy. Plus, I switched sides for sleeping all the time with them, and even slept on my back sometimes and they never budged. (This one is LOT and I'm curious to see if that makes a big difference).

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Nope, I have to turn, or it hurts too much. I usually start out on the right side, that's my fav. side. And then I either fall asleep right away (not very often) or flip to my left after a while and hopefully fall asleep there, or flip again after a while. Bleh.

But I'm not worried, my little man has been with his back on the left the whole time when he's been vertex. So he's probably found a good position there and I'm counting on him to stay.

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