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Good Gods, Spinnerette, that's HORRIBLE.

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Your care provider's insensitivity is probably TOTALLY helping with that antenatal anxiety and depression, amirite? How horrid of him! On the bright side, though, if he's like most providers he'll probably just show up during the last 5 minutes to catch the baby. But still, ick.

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Originally Posted by erigeron View PostOn the bright side, though, if he's like most providers he'll probably just show up during the last 5 minutes to catch the baby.

True story. You won't see him much. 


I may have missed the answers but are you familiar with how natural birth friendly your hospital is? Are you able to hire a doula or do you have a friend who could fill that role and advocate for you, your babe and your DH? 

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I'm not aware of how natural-friendly the hospital is. The OB seemed pleased enough that I said I'd like to go natural, I assume that a lot of women who go through here request epidurals right off the bat because they think they'll need them.


I don't doubt though, that my willingness to go natural is going to be met with pressures to induce (I'm due on June 11th, a Saturday, and the OB stated at my first prenatal appointment that he goes on vacation the following week) or get augmentation. I want to do everything I can to get the labour to progress as quickly as possible, because I know I'm on "the clock". I'm up against my own fears about delivering in the hospital, in THIS hospital, and I know that if I'm not comfortable, labour could stall and put me in a bad position. I wanted to give birth in an environment where my body is trusted by everyone to do what it is meant to, with quiet watchful eyes guarding our safety.


The OB had the balls to say that I shouldn't put myself "in a box" by having my preferences, ideas about how it should go, and in the next breath said that people who go in with a good mindset have a better time. I'm sure the people with the 'good mindset' about giving birth in this hospital don't know the things we do about birth, and the people with the 'bad mindset' were the ones unwilling to hand themselves over to the procedures.


I wanted this birth to change the way I see myself. This was supposed to empower me, to help give me the confidence to do what needs to be done for myself and my new daughter for the rest of my life. I want to bring her into the world under my own power, like so many of you have done. I know I can do this, it's not impossible, but I wish it didn't have to be this way. I have absolutely no family or friends where I live, my husband and I are going it alone. The plan is to wait as long as I can before going in and just trying to stick to our guns. My husband has been educating himself along with me, and is fully prepared to defend me. I know that if they say the baby's in danger, though, everything is out the window. 


I've got an hour and half before the next appointment. Hug your midwives if you've got 'em. 


Sorry to have derailed the thread, ladies.

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Spinnerette: I firmly believe that squatting and "breathing" DD out prevented me from tearing, even though she had a nuchal hand. Your OB sounds ghastly. :( If you have to give birth at the hospital, it sounds like labouring at home for as long as possible is your best bet for avoiding some of the drama.


If your OB is going on holiday, who'll be there instead? You might want to try to avoid this guy!

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