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thinking about the future and feeling down

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So here's my story in a nutshell.  After college I had no idea what to do with my life. Floated from job to job and then one day (didn't really happen this way but trying to keep things simple) decided i wanted to be a pharmacist. i took all the prereqs at night. all in all it took 3 years. i applied and got into pharmacy school in colorado but by then i had a daughter. i decided that i wanted to stay home with her instead. i planned on going back after she was 2 but guess what?  i don't want to go.


dd is 17 months now and i have decided to continue staying home adn have another kid which is a work in progress. all in all, i LOVE staying home. dh has never seen me happier.  there are days when i feel bad because the majority of people i knew from college are getting phds, mds, dvms, jds  etc and i feel unaccomplished in comparison  however i remind myself that those are not things i want but things i have been taught to want. ok getting off point


yes i did adn do want to go to pharm school however when i start thinking about when i would go it really doesnt seem a feasible plan. the thing is with rx school your prereqs are only good for 7 years adn so i would have to go back before my 2nd dc is 2. not waht i want to do.  icould go later but would  to retake chem,phys, adn calc adn maybe more. what do i do? i was thinking about another career but dont know what? something that would require a masters maybe.


lastly, i dont know how else to say this but my drive right now to think about a future career is zilch. have you been in a similar situation? just looking for support. kinda feeling low  :(


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i am actually in a pretty similar situation, pharmacy school and all :) there's a mostly-online school you could look into transferring into, creighton university. all the booklearnin stuff is online through the year, and then the hands-on lab-y stuff is crammed into some weeks or months in the summers [i forgot exactly how long]. it's in nebraska or somewhere, so you would have to physically go there for the practical stuff, but it could bea great compromise if it'll get you where you want to go.


as for the other stuff, i think maybe you just need to do some soul-searching, alone and with dh. if you've really never been happier, and know that career stuff is truly not what you want, you just have to figure out how to remind yourself of that all the time :) i sometimes feel unfulfilled or something too. figuring out how to handle your conflicting emotions is on you :) talk it out with your dh or maybe your bff or your mom or somebody [or us! :) ] you might never stop 'what-if'ing for good, but i hope soon you find a way to let it bother you less :)


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