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10 m.o. climbing out of Maya wrap

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I have a big (27 pound), very active 10 m.o. After not having used my Maya wrap for months since it hurt my back (I know how to use it correctly, it's just that he's quite heavy), I have started using it again because my back hurts so much from trying to carry him the regular way. I guess it's just trading one variety of backache for another. Anyway, he is able to use his little feet to propel himself out of it by kind of climbing up my side. Any ideas? I would love an Ergo but can't afford another wrap (I will try to trade on MDC's Marketplace when I have been a member long enough).  Are Maya wraps meant for smaller, less mobile babies?

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Maya Wraps, like all ring slings, can definitely be used for older babies and toddlers.  The problem you are having may be solvable, but may not be depending on how determined your baby is.  First off, when you have him in the hip carry are his knees bent and up high (about level with his belly button)?  Does the fabric reach from knee to knee on him, and is there a little bit of fabric between his body and yours?  The idea with any legs out carry in a ring sling is to have a nice deep seat for the baby to ride in, almost like they are squating and the carrier fabric is supporting them.  It can help to have the middle of the sling, the part supporting his bum, to be a bit looser so he can sink down into it while the bottom rail (under his knees) is a little tighter. 

Does all that make sense?  If you have a very strong, wiggly baby even the most experienced ring sling'er can have issues with the baby popping their bum out of the carrier.  If after trying to make adjustments to how you are using the sling doesn't work then it may be something different with a more structured seat would be a better choice.

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