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Sick of being sick!

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I am 14 weeks today and I am still sick as a dog. Some days seem to be a bit better but others are still debilitating. In my diaries of my 3 previous pregnancies I always noted around 14.5 weeks: Yay I am not sick anymore!

How can this be different???

And I also got a stomach bug 2 days ago and started throwing up in addition to my m/s.

Anyone else in the same boat?

Words of encouragement?

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Me too mama. Let's hope it goes away very very soon. hug2.gif

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Count me in! I'm so so so tired of feeling this way!!!!! I'm hoping that you'll be able to write in your diary soon that it's all over and that I'll follow close behind you. I'm 13 4/7 weeks. I just want my life back!

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i'm feeling you too. Last week, I had three good days in a row, then back to the regular. I waited three days to declare the first trimester over! And then it returned with a vengeance. Sigh. Soon. Any day I'll be back to normal! I'm 15 weeks today. Maybe my due date is off?


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I'm almost 16 weeks and can't wait for this nausea to go away. I feel like I shouldn't complain cause it isn't close to as bad as it was my last pregnancy. But still, I'm throwing up a few times a week and just feeling generally queasy.
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15 + weeks - queasy here- wish it ended

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I'm 15+ weeks and still terribly sick. It still doesn't feel like the first trimester has ended for me. I'm always tired, so very sick and just basically in a blah mood all of the time. Hoping the sickness at least ends for all of us soon!

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RIght there with you, ladies.  During my first pregnancy, I felt better around 12-13 weeks.  Now I am in week 15 and still feeling nausea and major food aversions.  I don't feel it in the morning, but mid-day to evening is the worst.  Hoping it goes away soon...I don't know how much longer I can take it!

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15w5d and had the worst vomiting ever this morning. I don't throw up every day (last time was about a week ago) but every single morning I'm dealing with horrible nausea, while making breakfast for my toddler and dog. It really sucks. I'm feeling kind of at my wits end. I do feel better after eating breakfast and the past couple weeks have been pretty good overall, so I'm thankful for that. But it seems so unfair that I'm still waking up this sick every morning after doing it for months! Eating almonds in the middle of the night sometimes helps but sometimes not. When I hear other women talking about having NO morning sickness I'm like, "WTF!" Ugh!
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Still here...still sick. I'm 15 2/7 now and while I'm not throwing up everyday like I was, I'm still nauseated very often and have no energy at all!!!! I'm supposed to start work again this week and I just don't know how that is going to be possible! I can't wait to be over this!!!!

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I just wanted to report that for the third day in a row, I have had almost no nausea!!! Just queasy moments throughout the day but nothing bad. The first morning when I didn't wake up nauseous it almost seemed like something was wrong because I'd forgotten what it was like to not wake up sick! I don't want to jinx anything, but I really think the morning sickness may be behind me now. Woohoo! Pleeease let it be so!

BTW I'm 18 weeks tomorrow so it's about freakin time!

How is everyone else feeling? I hope others are starting to feel better too.
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I am happy to report that my bad case of m/s is over! I am 18+2 today and have not been sick for 2 weeks! It still took 2 weeks longer than with my other pregnancies!

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