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Waldorf Schools in Utah?? Where are they?

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Do any exist?  I live in Utah Valley and am very interested in starting my daughter in a waldorf school in a year or two and I can't find any around here.  She's only two but I am interested in anyone's research on the subject!?


Is there one even in Salt Lake?


Anyone want to start one with me?  :)


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I did look for them too some months back, but never found anything. There seem to be a large number of Montessori though, so I was suprised.

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I have been trying to find waldorf preschools for my son too. It looks like there is a kinda pricey one in Salt Lake, but there website is down which maybe isn't good a good sign? Maybe they feel like a waldorf preschool website is ironic? I don't know. I was wondering if anyone really would be interested in doing some sort of waldorf themed playgroup here, since there aren't a lot of great options in Utah County?

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Hi!  I just saw this post, and I too started looking for Waldorf schools in Utah a few years ago.  The only one I could find was in SLC, and very expensive as I recall.  I would love to start a Waldorf playgroup if anyone is interested.  I live in Utah Valley:)  Oh, I think there used to be a yahoo group that was Waldorf based that was for Utah moms.  I will do a search.

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There used to be a Waldorf school in SLC, but it closed down nearly 2 years ago due to administrative problems. I believe there's sufficient interest for a Waldorf school--though unless you get outside funding, it will be priced along par with other private schools. My understanding is that the school was not able to retain families because of the administrative problems, so there was a high attrition rate, which kept enrollment numbers down, which, eventually, made it fiscally impossible to continue.


I would love to see a new school started. However, the effort will need a lot of new blood, since the old-timers have been around the block a couple of times and don't have the energy to carry it all themselves, plus it would need enough families committed to it--and to paying for it--to continue. ASWANA has some guidelines for starting a school here: http://www.whywaldorfworks.org/02_W_Education/faq_starting.asp


I suspect if you could get a grant or a donor to help fund the startup costs, that would solve a lot of problems. You will need to pay for a couple of certified teachers--apparently they're in high demand--and find a suitable location to rent or buy. I also understand that the original attempt to start a Waldorf school as a charter was thwarted because a lot of people saw it as a religious school and therefore inappropriate to receive state funding. You might be able to get around that if it were done right, with the right education and public outreach.


I think something located either near Sandy (to attract both SL and Utah Co. residents) or somehwere mid-SLC valley would probably be the most sustainable, unless you know you have a strong group in Utah County. Most of the people I've talked to who are interested in Waldorf are in SL or Davis counties--but then, I live in SL county, so that probably has something to do with it. I'd love to help get something started and support it--I have a 4.5 yr old and I've been interested in Waldorf since before she was born. But we'll need a full-time banner-carrier to pull it off.

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I live in Alpine.  I am on-board for a Waldorf school in Utah.  I believe in Waldorf for my children... I am confident that there would be a great amount of interest & support for a school here (preferably South Salt Lake County or North Utah County).  I know it wouldn't be hard to find qualified teachers, staff, and of course parent involvement/volunteers.  It would be a dream come true for many to be able to give this to our children/families.

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Hi!  I'm so excited to find there are other Waldorf lovers in Utah County!  My children have been going to a Waldorf-Inspired school in Pleasant Grove for the last 5 years. (The teacher doesn't advertise but just goes word of mouth which may be why you've never heard of her).  I actually taught there for a year and a half.  There have been some older kids that have gone, but most of the students are 3-5 ages.  We did some Waldorf celebrations such as Advent, Fall Festival, and May Day.  Would love to get in contact with any of you in Utah County!  My e-mail is utahwaldorf@gmail.com

So Excited!


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I'm in Highland, and yep, I'm interested too.  What is the school in PG?  My youngest is only one, but she's a former preemie, and I'm thinking ahead to what might be best for her later on.

Pure academics seem to be getting pushed more and more at the public schools.  I'm more interested in developing the "whole child."


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Hi Everyone!


We're having a potluck lunch for those people in Utah interested in Waldorf whether it be school or community/support that you are interested in.  Melisa Nielson, owner of a home school Waldorf Curriculum is coming down from Idaho and will be our guest speaker.


The date is August 20th during lunch time and we'll be meeting in Alpine.  Please e-mail me if you'd like an invitation or more information.


I'm so excited to meet others who also love Waldorf!





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Good afternoon, I am new to this site and currently live in Minnesota and have my daughter ready to attend a Waldorf Kindergarten class in September. I am relocating to St. George, Utah to look at going back to school. I was also looking for Waldorf schools and have found not a one. My wife and I are heavily into the Waldorf methods and we were hoping there was more insight for anything to do with Waldorf in Southern Utah. Any insight would be most helpful. My wife has thought that Utah home schooling is pretty softly regulated that she could team Waldorf at home. I gues this would be our next best choice. We would love to try to make it to thelunch time meeting in August in Alpine. Thanks for any information you can give.


Best regards,



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How was the meeting? I just found this post or I would have tried to come too. I live in Provo and my oldest is starting kindergarten. I really have waited too long to start looking but I'm sure my hubby will not be so supportive since he enjoyed public school and sees nothing wrong with it. It's good to see people being proactive with something like this in Utah. Can anyone tell me too, why waldorf schooling is better so I have a little something to entice the hubby with. I like that it's nature based but what can I tell him? 

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Hi Patrick and Stacy,


The potluck get together was postponed.  The speaker was in the middle of a move, but the good news is she's moving to Utah!  Her name is Melisa Nielson and she has a plethora of knowledge about Waldorf and puts together curriculum for Waldorf Homeschoolers.  I'm so glad to have her move closer.  So, we're talking about having the potluck possibly in September, maybe doing a Michaelmas celebration?  Anyone interested?


So Patrick, I think that would be great if you and your wife are able to homeschool in St. George.  As we get more and more people involved and create a community we can look more into getting a school perhaps?


Also, I've put a Utah Waldorf group together so that we can talk and make fun plans!


Facebook: Utah-Waldorf

I hope those interested will sign up so we can get to know one another and move this great Waldorf movement forward in Utah!  Those who earlier expressed an interest in this by e-mailing me, you should have an invite to the group.  If not, please let me know.



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Hi there was wondering how one joins to this group? jenna.l.powell@gmail.com if you could send me an invite that would be great. Am interested in this type of schooling forsure. Thanks again

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Hi there I'm really interested in this potluck and would like to know more about it! PLease contact me, I'm heber city Utah and am interested again thank you!

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Hi Everyone,


Our big Waldorf/Potluck Gathering is this Saturday, Oct. 8th from 10-2!  You can e-mail me for more information or again join the FB group @ Utah-Waldorf.

Look forward to meeting some of you!



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We had a great potluck and we've been growing quite quickly now.  We have about 40 families who are involved in Utah-Waldorf.  We hold festivals for Michaelmas, Martinmas/Lantern Walk, Advent, and May Day and we're doing many things!  We most likely will hold a Waldorf Conference in the Spring as well.  We also have a Facebook Group.  Utah-Waldorf.  You can find out more by e-mailing me at utahwaldorf@gmail.com as well!




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I'm interested in joining your Waldorf group. I found Waldorf through my desire to find something similar to the "forest kindergartens" popular in many European countries. There are a few nature-preschools here in the USA but none that I could find in Utah. I also love the book "simplicity parenting" and it made me interested in learning more about Waldorf as well.


Anyone interested in doing a forest preschool / playgroup?? For now I'm talking about getting a group of kiddos together into the mountains or the farm twice a week regardless of weather... maybe a bit of structure at the beginning (circle time/song)... then lots of outdoor play. :)

Maybe I need to start a new thread!



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Would have our 7 year old and 3 year old in Waldorf schools if they existed here.  My wife and I would like to help in every way possible to get something started.  

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We are looking to start one in Park City, UT.  We are looking for a teacher to start the school this fall.  We want to start with early childhood/kindergarden and add each year from there.


This is the ad we have on Waldorf site:  Seeking a lead Early Childhood/Kindergarten Waldorf certified teacher for a mixed age class for the 2012-13 school year. We are starting a new school here with hopes that we can grow a strong foundation and be able to add a grade each year when ready. lucyblock@mac.com


Let me know if you have any contact with a certified teacher that might want to work with us.


Thanks Debbie Jones & Lucy Block   760-815-5817

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I used to send my son to the Waldorf school in SLC and it was quite fun. Unfortunately it closed rather suddenly... Here is a snapshot of the website: http://web.archive.org/web/20080622193518/http://sevencanyonsschool.org/

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